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Iraqi basketball league to be hosted in Suleimaniyah

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Guess things arent that bad
Saturday, 03 October 2009, 02:03 EDT
Iraqi basketball league to be hosted in Suleimaniyah

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The Kurdish Globe The Iraqi Basketball Federation (IBF) appointed October 6 as the start date for the 2009 season of the Iraqi women's basketball league. Thirteen teams will compete, including six teams from Kurdistan.

"Due to its convenience and safe conditions, Suleimaniyah city has been chosen to hold the tournament," said IBF secretary Khalid Najim.

The clubs included in the tournament are Nawroz, new Sirwan, Peshmerga and Suleimaniyah from the Suleimaniyah province; Akad from the Kurdish capital city of Erbil; Sanharib from the Duhok governorate; Bartilah from Mosul city; Kirkuk Fatat from the province of Kirkuk; Baghdad Fatat, the Armenian girls, the girls of the martyr Ohan team from the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad; Salam from Anbar; and Baladi from the province of Babylon.

The teams will be divided into three groups to play at league single stage, as the two top finishers in each group will be able to reach to the second round. Then, four teams will qualify for the semifinal, which takes place in a junction where two winners will compete for first place. According to Najim, the champion and the runners-up will be given the right to participate in international competitions as Iraqi basketball representatives.

In Kurdistan, the Akad girls, who won the Kurdistan league title last season, are expected to make it to the second round easily since they are enriched with highly qualified young ladies.

"Of course, we got to the championship level and we won, and we expect to win again and again, but we know it's going to take hard work, and I think we are going to embrace that," said Nada Gorgis, captain of Akad.

In Gorgis's view, the players' adherence to the coach's instructions and their dedicated love for the team will incite them to play as hard as they can.

She added, "I, just like the staff members of my club, will continue doing what we have done and never let the team down."


maybe we can send Obama to help.....he's suppose to be good at organizing things.

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