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Political first: government moves to stop foreign interference

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Political first: government moves to stop foreign interference

Sharm el-Sheikh meeting looking to support security in Iraq and Baghdad plans to provide new evidence proving the involvement of the Baathists in Syria to terrorist acts

Baghdad - Cairo - Sabah - Isra Khalifa

Announced the Security and Defense Committee in the House the Government's intention to move quickly to stop foreign intervention, especially Scorches the Turkish military operations inside Iraqi territory.

The MP said Hassan Sinead, a member of the Parliamentary Commission in a statement to the "morning": that Iraq stands with Ankara on the issue of the PKK terrorist organization, and considers it detrimental to the security area, but it refuses to enter into any troops into Iraq.

He Sunaid a refusal of the Iraqi parliament's vote on the proposal of the Turkish government in Ankara and authorized Turkish troops enter Iraqi territory, revealing a tendency for government action to stop such operations so, especially if it is harmful to the security and integrity of the region, at the same time refusing to reveal the nature of these movements.

The Turkish parliament last week has renewed its authorization for the Turkish government launched military strikes against the PKK in Iraqi territory. And continued a member of the Security and Defense Committee: The House of Representatives will ask the government and concerned of the need to act to stop this deplorable Scorches by all Iraqis.

It is said that Turkish troops have launched a series of air raids against the PKK in 2007, and in February 2008 conducted a large-scale ground incursion into Iraqi territory.

In the city of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, considered the agents and interior ministers of Iraq's neighbors recommendations for the sixth ministerial meeting to be held next Wednesday in the presence of Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani.

An official source at the Interior Ministry for "morning": that "the meeting of ministers headed by Habib Al-Adli, Minister of the Interior with the participation of the Egyptian Interior Ministers of Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, in addition to Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, Turkey and Iran, as well as my organization United Nations and the OIC and the League of Arab States.

The source indicated that "the preparatory meeting of deputy ministers, which was held yesterday and a two-day search everything related to the security situation inside Iraq, and cooperation between neighboring countries to address cross-border infiltration and exchange of information on the elements and terrorist activities , in addition to the contributions of the neighboring countries to protect and enhance the security and stability of Iraq ", adding that he was also put forward the actions taken by each of the neighboring countries for the protection of Iraqi security and movements required of them in this regard.

A meeting of interior ministers of Iraqi neighboring states V, which was held in Amman last year, had recommended to "work to prevent terrorists from using their territories as bases or starting recruitment, training, planning and financing of terrorism, and support Iraq's efforts to recover its stolen, and condemned all terrorist acts against the security of Iraq and neighboring countries, and prevent the use of their territory as a base for terrorists, praising the role of Iraqi security forces to confront terrorist groups and armed militias.

"The source added that Egypt's participation in the five meetings, despite the lack of being one of the neighboring countries of Iraq, came as a pivotal country in the region has a long experience of security in all areas to enable them to provide the necessary support to Iraq, pointing out that Cairo is great interest in the security situation in the region, particularly Iraq's stability and safety.

In a similar framework, revealed a source in the Defense and Security Committee in the House to go to the submission of new evidence proving the involvement of the Baathists in Syria of supporting terrorist operations in the country.

The source said the "morning": that among the evidence that will pack the elements of evidence confirm the involvement of Iraqi criminal in Damascus Wednesday bloody bombings, noting that the Iraqi delegation will seek to win support for the government position on these terrorist acts.

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