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Chairman of the National Investment Iraq from Washington: We will not waste any opportunity

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Chairman of the National Investment Iraq from Washington: We will not waste any opportunity
23/10/2009 الجمعة 05 - November -1430 e
Conference concluded the investment and business Iraqi-American business in Washington on Thursday evening, a clear message, namely that the time has come for the presence of U.S. support wider economic and political ties to install the U.S. strategy in the country.
All of the statements and speeches at the conference focused on the stage after the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq.The president of the National Commission for Investment in Iraq, Dr. Sami al-Araji, the «big demonstration in terms of number and type involved, and the large number of businessmen, arrived in number to 1100 participants, 400 did not accept the request after the closure of register» success of the Conference. He said in an interview with «Middle East»: we will form a committee to follow-up meetings that are more than 220 formal meeting, which will hold all the contacts so as not to lose any chance of us ». And American and Iraqi governments are not the only concerned with making plans for after the withdrawal, companies currently contracting with the U.S. military or U.S. government departments in Iraq, are now to enter into contracts directly with the Iraqi government. The company «SAIC» U.S. capital in the conference, a company contracting with the U.S. government to provide services related to electricity, health and energy in Iraq and the Iraqi market, know very well. He said one of its employees: «We are in Iraq now, but the goal of the visit the conference today is to communicate directly with Iraqi officials, and building relationships with them directly without the intermediary of the U.S. government». He added: «We are building for the future, and think at some point after the official U.S. presence in Iraq today huge».
It was agreed that Collins White, president of company «Defense Shield» military equipment, with this theory and said, «I have been to Iraq twice during the team from the Ministry of Defense to search for jobs in Iraq, but soon realized it was time to communicate directly with the Iraqis». While Iraqi officials focused their remarks and discussion sessions in the investment conference the importance of developing non-oil sectors in the Iraqi economy and move away from the military sector in Iraq in building relations with the United States, has made a lot of interest in both the U.S. companies. The company «Exxon Mobil» oil giant present in the conference, where awaiting the announcement of the contract in Iraq in the coming weeks. A public relations consultant in the company Patrick Magen, «We are here to learn the dominant culture in Iraq has not been invested in more than 30 years». In response to a question about the frequency so far U.S. companies enter the Iraqi market, he said: «I could not speak on behalf of others, but we are a very conservative and consider the situation in the country very well before they enter, we are investing billions of dollars in projects last for decades, and this requires caution ». There was a large presence of Iraqi businessmen residing in Iraq and abroad are interested in education and health sectors, telecommunications and others. The Iraqi doctor resident in the United States, Mohammed al-Maliki «in any process there is a starting point and move Iraq from the military to stage work and the question is: Is it possible to fulfill the promises». He added that many Iraqis abroad and at home watching the Iraqi election results to see how the possibility of achieving the promises of reconstruction. Asked about fears of a possible cancellation of contracts after the next election or changing the approach of the new government in terms of investment, "They said,« I'm not afraid of the impact of the elections, because all the political forces are convinced that investment is essential to rebuild Iraq and regardless of who comes must be his political supporter of the investment process ». On fears of corruption, which hampers investment, "They said:« We have done a single window for investment in Iraq to prevent the investor's exposure to bureaucratic or financial corruption, and if we take the investment process, we believe that the investment will be protected ».
Editor: AlMarsad
Edit: AlMarsad / 2009-10-23


Pass all the laws before the elections then nobody can cancel a contract after the elections if the contract is wrote per the law!!!!!

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