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Iraq: Parliament decides to vote on the election law tomorrow

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Iraq: Parliament decides to vote on the election law tomorrow

(Voice of Iraq) - 28/10/2009

Baghdad (28 October) and (AKI) Italian news

The Iraqi parliament to vote on the election law the controversial meeting on Thursday in order to give an opportunity for the legal and parliamentary political blocs to reach a compromise on voter registration in Kirkuk province disputed between Arabs and Turkmen and the Kurds

The Vice President of the Legal Committee of Parliament Salim al-told (AKI) Italian news agency, said his committee "have conferred on Wednesday with representatives of political entities and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, and decided to see the law to vote at the meeting tomorrow. He added, "the option of voting is agreed upon within the Legal Committee and the Presidency", he said

He noted Jubouri that the members of parliament will be in front of them two options in the electoral law on Kirkuk, the first is the adoption of the register of voters in 2004, and the second is a proposed law of the United Nations to adopt the voter register for the current year with the "not entail any political or administrative conduct of elections."

And added "perhaps Issar to determine the wording of an average of the two proposals, which face the differences between the Arabs and Turkmen on the one hand and the Kurds on the other hand," according to his words

The Iraqi parliamentarians ruled out in previous statements to the Agency (AKI) The prospect of ratification of the amendments to the electoral law this week resulting from the different parliamentary blocs on the proposals of special problem of Kirkuk, were put forward at an expanded meeting held parliamentary leaders on Tuesday

And failed the House of Representatives four times in the approval of amending the election law due to differences circle around Kirkuk prompted by last week to relay the problems of law to the political council of the leaders of parliamentary blocs of Iraq to the President and the Vice Prime Minister and the President of the Kurdistan region, but the move sparked criticism by some deputies fact that this Council is "an advisory body does not acquire its binding, and that there are certain political forces do not have representatives in it," according to the saying

The problem of Kirkuk, the most important problems facing the parliamentary election law, requiring Congress Arabs and Turkmen of Kirkuk, the poll would be in their wallets depending on the ratios represented in the parliament equally among ethnic components President there, while Kurds see the need for the law dealing with Kirkuk, like all other provinces, elections are held by the according to slate his later for the electoral system, whether based on a multi-constituency or one, and according to the electoral rolls closed or open

It is hoped that the general elections in January 16 next, as defined by the Federal Court, the highest judicial body in the country.



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