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U.S. soldiers pack their bags in preparation to leave Iraq after the January elections

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U.S. soldiers pack their bags in preparation to leave Iraq after the January elections

(Voice of Iraq) - 28/10/2009

Task requires a survey of more than 3 million pieces of military equipment worth 36.4 billion dollars

Kuwait: «Middle East»

Started by American soldiers in Iraq to pick up tools, including dance, canned meat corrupt six years old and a new truck just did not use while preparing the army to withdraw from the country.

While characterized by the tragedy of air strikes and clashes, which broadcast on television channels on the air the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, packing to return home is a more monotonous and exciting to be boring for the last group of soldiers leave the country.

According to the report of the «Reuters», must be limited to more than three million pieces of military equipment deployed in various parts of Iraq, valued at 36.4 billion dollars before the scheduled withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2011.

Said Gwen Sanders Sergeant in the artillery corps Transfer Center U.S. military at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait is in the process to return to Iraq to prepare the equipment index: «I do not believe the amount of useless pieces collected.

No one realized really that responsibility at the time of withdrawal. A lot of guys are asking: Why should a cleaner place behind everyone else simply because I am leaving?! The Army is preparing the third American in charge of the transfer of equipment and personnel to carry out with great vigor.

There was much less violence in Iraq sharply since the events of the worst sectarian violence caused by the US-led invasion and the large size of the Iraqi army, increasingly confident, as the country's leaders are keen to assert Iraq's sovereignty and independence.

But much will depend on the outcome of general elections will be held in January (January) In a significant development for Iraq's fragile democracy, as well as Iraq's ability to protect itself with the withdrawal of U.S. troops.

And delivered a double suicide bombing last Sunday cast doubt on the capabilities of Iraqi security forces. And U.S. military leaders are reluctant to risk rushing into the transfer of military equipment from Iraq, as may be needed again.

Said Brigadier General Mark Macarle, which is responsible for logistics at Camp Arifjan, a major military headquarters of the Third Army in Kuwait: «We are preparing for a large increase in the withdrawal of equipment if the success of the elections and safe passage».

However, some work has been done despite the uncertainty it has doubled the number of vehicles carrying U.S. military out of Iraq in the last period to about three thousand vehicles per month, for which the units of equipment to track and record the U.S. before being returned to the United States or re-published or sold or given to Iraq free of charge.

And began to expand the capacity of customs such as availability, lounges and extensive inspection of the departing forces and their bags and workshops for cleaning vehicles prior to their return to the United States.

He pledged Macarle «the best planning and implementation of the best» for the transfer of personnel and equipment in the history of modern military, and seemed determined to avoid the errors that occurred in Desert Storm campaign led by the United States in 1991 to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi occupation.

He said: «Mnina suffered major losses in equipment. Found some years later and lost some forever. We will not allow this to happen ».

And pass most of the equipment the U.S. and individuals who are leaving Iraq, via Kuwait, the main gate of the U.S. operations in the Middle East, and the status of forces deployed in Afghanistan.

Preparing officials sprawling tent city set up for members of the passing Americans in Kuwait to the departure of more than 100 thousand U.S. troops from Iraq. Lieutenant-Colonel Cecil Warren, director of transport at the camp: «It's like under the auspices of cats. Passes a very large number of individuals ».

And receives the camp from 2000 to 3000 per day. Devoted half the size of a tent for the preparation of soldiers, mostly sullen to be deployed in other regions, while the other half is allocated to the happy soldiers returning home.

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