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Baghdad 1/11/2009 ال Zubeidi emphasizes the importance of British investment companies entering into Iraq for the advancement of economic reality and the physical

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Baghdad 1/11/2009 ال Zubeidi emphasizes the importance of British investment companies entering into Iraq for the advancement of economic reality and the physical

Mr. Minister of Finance Baqir al-Zubaidi on the importance of British companies to enter the Iraqi market for investment

في ق
د. In the sectors of energy and water projects, roads and building hospitals, hotels and residential compounds came during a meeting between His Excellency Mr. Minister Nicholson Balbaronp Any Member British House of Lords and the presence of a large number of entrepreneurs to major companies and banks, the British and Iraqi businessmen living in Britain and in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Industry and Minerals d.
حريري ود. Dr. Fawzi Hariri. س
د. Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor, Dr.. سامي الأ
ل Sami al-Araji, Chairman of Investment noting "he was happy to meet him with the business الب
هم . British and Iraqis wishing "them success in their work.
ر At the beginning of the meeting, welcomed His Excellency Mr. Minister Bdioufh customers and hoped "that the visit may be a good start to invest in Iraq for the purpose of supporting industry sectors and ages والط
اج العراقي And energy, stressing "the importance of investing in Iraq for the purpose of benefiting from foreign expertise to develop Iraq's production

He said "that worked with His Excellency the President of the Investment Authority to develop the Investment Law No. (13) to enable foreign investors to own property in Iraq for the purpose of establishing large-scale projects, hospitals, factories, hotels, residential and commercial complexes have obtained the consent of the Council of Ministers and deputies on the proposal, which will open new horizons for foreign investors adding, "that Iraq is a member" in the Convention Almiga signed with the World Bank, which guaranteed the right of foreign investors in Iraq, noting "that Iraq needed to find many jobs where unemployment is 20%. He emphasized that" the Iraqi banking sector and private government-backed distinguished by the Ministry of Finance and seeks to benefit from the expertise and courses ا
Hosted by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund for workers in this sector for the advancement of the Iraqi banking reality which will reflect

Positive "reaction to the investment process. Where the support of private banks to open credits for up now," 2 million dollars for each adoption of a government and seek to develop this amount to four million dollars and called on "the advancement of their betterment in private banks to cope with the global banking and accounting. Noting" that the finance ministry is with international companies in this area as a company (Ernst Andyunc (f) and Price Water Cooper )

. ) And other reputed companies in the banking industry by working for the advancement of the Iraqi banking, where the Iraqi banks is currently using "international accounting system to cope with the global banking. And The Minister of Finance said that the Iraqi government supports the construction sector and housing also contribute to an active Ministry of Finance to support the housing sector through loans provided to citizens through banks and real estate Iraq and rational to contribute to solving the housing crisis and called on "the international companies to enter this sector for the provision of adequate housing to the Iraqis as well as that Iraq needs more than two million housing units according to a study to spend money when we were occupying the Ministry of Construction and Housing in addition to Other action taken by the Ministry of Finance to develop the sectors of taxation and customs in order to attract foreign investors to the Iraqi market since Iraq is seeking through this development in the banking system and tax and Alkmarki to enter the World Trade Organization, which will greatly benefit the Iraqi people. then been extensive discussions between businessmen and investors with the Ministers of Finance and Industry and Minerals and the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq and Chairman of the investment was through the exchange of views and experiences to promote the rate of investment in Iraq. At the conclusion of the meeting, praised the Minister of Finance Ms. Nicholson positions with the Iraqi people as they worked with the Iraqi opposition for a long time and entered the Iraqi Marshlands Ammar and embraced the child, who hit with chemical weapons by the regime of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship and sought to bear the expenses of treatment and had a position dedicated to the Iraqi people a significant impact on the disposal of the tyrant buried. This meeting was attended by director general of Trade Bank of Iraq, which investors cheered the British and the Iraqis.

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