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Iraq elections law still deadlocked

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1 Iraq elections law still deadlocked on Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:58 am


Iraq News

Iraq elections law still deadlocked
Tuesday, November 03, 2009 10:24 GMT

The latest information point out that the different Iraqi political parties basically approve UN suggestion, which foreshadows that the long stalemate is about to come to an end. Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, ISCI talked about the positive atmosphere and presaged that elections’ law reached the final stages where the political entities agree upon the political solutions suggestions regarding ending Kirkuk issue. MP Hamid Al Saaidi said in a statement to Al Hayat Newspaper that it seems that the majority of the parties will accept the UN suggestion which calls to give Kirkuk’s Arabs and Turkmen compensatory seats in the new Parliament. Al Saaidi said that the dispute over Kirkuk is more political than technical and if political conflicts were settled without stubbornness than obstructions could be avoided and problems will be solved smoothly far from political outbidding.

On the other hand, Kurds did not release any positive signs yet. While no official stand is yet released some parties renounced UN offer. Saad Al-Barzanji, a lawmaker of the Kurdistan coalition said in a press conference held in the parliament that the UN suggestion regarding Kirkuk is not accepted as it contains a lot of unconstitutional contradictions.

To that, Kurds decried the US pressure calling them to renounce their rights in the city and that after announcing that US Vice President Joe Biden called Kurdistan Governor Massoud Al Barazani in order to talk over the obstructions hindering approving elections law. MP Mahmoud Othman told Al Hayat Newspaper that endeavors of Senior US officials are means to pressure Kurds in order to accept the suggested solutions though they are unfair. The US behaviors are biased, Othman added.

It is no secret that this kind of pressure is expected considering the importance USA gives for holding the lections on time. MP Khairallah Al Basri said that failing to reach an accordance solution regarding elections’ law will urge the USA to interfere in order to impose solutions.
Alsumaria sources had said that the Legal committee suggested a draft law that proposes to adopt open list and determines the parliament’s seats number. The law also stipulates using multi-divisions system and appoints the number of seats for each division without mentioning Kirkuk. However the relevant parties did not agree on this suggestion.

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amazingggggggggg that after all these months they still can't agree!!!

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