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Asadi: hardening of the attitudes behind not to vote on election law

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Asadi: hardening of the attitudes behind not to vote on election law
MP and member of the coalition rule of law, Khalid Al-Assadi, a hardening of positions on the political blocs representing the Kirkuk of Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen and the issue of Kirkuk has become the only obstacle in the way of adoption of the electoral law.

The Asadi in an interview conducted by the agency "Iraq is our house" in the House of Representatives on Thursday expressed "regret the loss of all the efforts made to overcome that obstacle, which was the major reason why the adoption of this electoral law today, too." He noted that other reasons is the lack of agreement on a formula to be voted on by members of the House of Representatives, and the lack of a quorum to conduct the voting because of the travel of members of the House to their provinces and outside the country.

He called al-Asadi's political blocs to "take the positions of various alternative that can address the problem, basically, and adopt the electoral system was last in the restructuring and rules can be applied to general elections in Iraq," stressing the political blocs to take a bold and decisive action to turn the upcoming electoral process without hindrance or just think postponed.


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