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Kurdish MP: We face foreign pressure to pass the Iraqi election law

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Kurdish MP: We face foreign pressure to pass the Iraqi election law

(Voice of Iraq) - 06/11/2009

Deputy revealed in the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Othman Rauf pressure faced by the Kurdish bloc in parliament by the U.S. Embassy and the international mission to the Kurdistan Alliance to pass the election law, and drew "We are surprised by such pressures do not know if the stock is in response to Kurdish leaders who stood with America and the United Nations in difficult times. "

In the Kurdish parliament told "Lucky" the Italian news agency, explained that the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari made a note of protest to the Turkish government because of "interference ambassador in Iraq on the election law," the controversial, which is expected to introduce a new version of him in front of parliament on Saturday.

He pointed out that "Zebari said in his note Alianjajip that it is not customary diplomatic ambassadors to interfere in the affairs of which they work, and the legislative elections is an internal affair of States that supposedly does not interfere in it."

Was wondering how soon it would be before the Kurds thump their nose at the USA after everything we done for them.


like the Arabs haven't all along?


These idiots only had 4 years to get it done Gezzz.... Don't give any more pressure put a boot in their a$$.....

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