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Baghdad International Exhibition .. And the presence of a distinct international economic openness and increasing demands for participation

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Baghdad International Exhibition .. And the presence of a distinct international economic openness and increasing demands for participation

Source: Al-Sabah - 09/11/2009

Began thirty-sixth session of the Baghdad International Fair, amid high hopes of the citizens and economists that the first step on the road to economic recovery, especially after the adoption of a market economy in our country.

Participation was wide this year and more than twice the participation of last year. Hit companies that embraced the Baghdad International Fair more than 350 Arab and foreign companies and local communities.

Of different specialties. Sophisticated and experienced in the areas of work and has advanced scientific and technical staff able to provide the best in the world. Especially that Iraq is heading towards the reconstruction of infrastructure destroyed and shabby.

Safaa net debt and trade minister said:
The exhibition is a positive step in building a solid economic relations with various countries of the world.

Net "he said in an exclusive interview for the" morning "show is an important commercial phenomenon.

Through which the business of Iraqis to stand on the nature of products, Arab and international companies and local participation, and deals between the Iraqi side, this exhibition is considered as companies move to expand trade and economic activity with the outside world.

He pointed out that the presence of these companies is their willingness to work and access to the field of the Iraqi economy because our country is a promising and in need of construction, reconstruction and infrastructure destroyed.

He pointed out that requests for participation in the Baghdad International Fair will continue until the opening day. He stressed that Iraq adopt a closer economic relations with all countries of the world.

Especially after breaking international sanctions that have been stretched by the Iraqi economy and made him live in a state of confusion.

Hoping that the coming period will witness a global economic presence, particularly after the investment law was passed, as amended.

To that, "said Salah Abdul-Razzaq al-governor of Baghdad, the" morning "that the exhibition is a demonstration of economic and trade mission and point of contact with all companies and countries that offer their products in various fields of agricultural, industrial, and this is what provides an opportunity for our sectors and institutions for the last thing the newly established industries and service mechanisms developed.

He added: the presence of a large number of companies represented there in order to attend and contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq. We value this presence, that which is attended with us in times of distress, which is attended with us in times of prosperity.

This imposes an obligation on us to come. " It demanded that all institutions do not support and participate in the success of this exhibition.

Baghdad province has also provided a special effort to raise the level of services within the exhibition. Although there are some observations on it. As Hashim Mohammed Hatem general manager of the Iraqi opposition, said: "The exhibition in its" 36 "

See a distinct international presence has reached "27" state, and companies in different jurisdictions came to showcasing the latest products on Alsahpatip in all sectors and services, noting that there are big international companies participating for the first time at the Baghdad.

Departments attended the working not only through its agents. Pointing out that the roads that lead to the show cut to preserve the safety of visitors to the exhibition. Well as providing alternative ways to ensure the smooth functioning of vehicles.

Fattah Younis, Director of the Brazil Pavilion stressed the necessity of activating economic relations between Iraq and Brazil. At a time associated with developing good economic relations since a long time, hoping that the return to normal, especially after the direction of the Iraqi economy towards a free market. He noted that the exhibits of Brazilian companies is the equipment of weapons, aircraft, food and military equipment and other industries in Brazil.

But Maj. Gen. Qassim Atta, spokesman for the security plan to impose law and said: In the early was ready to provide a secure environment for the exhibition, where it formed an operation room between the Baghdad Operations Command and the Ministry of Commerce.

Exhibition has been secured from the inside as well as from abroad. We have come some way to guarantee security. Although we know that this move could raise citizen but. We have provided alternative ways, as well as secure buses to transport people within a distance pieces.

Dar Al-Nahrain was to print them to participate, "said Fares Ilya: that participation in the exhibition was of great importance because they mirror the efforts of the house and immense important publications on the state level.

Specializes in the printing house, where all official publications and government as well as business. It is characterized by Mtabena confidentiality and security printed and speed of implementation, pointing out that all government institutions to implement the publications within the home.

We hope to achieve our goals through participation in the development of our industry through access to the findings of the world developments in this field.

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