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Iraq's presidency wants January 18 election date

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Iraq's presidency wants January 18 election date
1 hr 40 mins ago

BAGHDAD (AFP) – Iraq's presidential council on Wednesday told electoral officials they wanted the country's general election to take place on January 18, instead of January 21 as previously agreed.
Faraj al-Haidari, head of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC), told reporters in Baghdad that the date was being changed because of a religious ceremony.

"I was informed by them that January 18 would be better than January 21," Haidari said. "The decision is theirs and we know from them orally that it will be on January 18."


so much for the 90day rule.....already disregarding their Constitution......why not? we are good teachers in that aspect.


that's what I was thinking thump...what about the 90 day rule???

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