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Iraq's presidency council approves election law

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Iraq's presidency council approves election law
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Iraq's presidency council approves election law

18/11/2009 الأربعاء

Said President Jalal Talabani on Wednesday that the Presidency Council approved the electoral law for fear of a constitutional vacuum, despite the "veto" Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi of the law.

And Talabani said in a television interview that the authentication has been made with the Council retaining the right to make observations on the provisions in the law and left to the Iraqi parliament.

Earlier reports stated that the Electoral Commission of Iraq has decided, on Wednesday 18/11/2009, halt preparations for the legislative elections which were scheduled for January (January) next year.

According to this position after he broke a Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, one of the items of the new law for the general election.

Hashemi said he had objected to the first item of the law because it did not give a voice to the Iraqis abroad.

Hashimi told reporters" I have issued three days ago a letter to the House of Representatives, requested the procedures for adjustments, but the response suggested that the Council set aside the objectionable material, and delivered my veto today, "Wednesday.

The interceptor is not on the whole law but on the first article to redress Iraqis living abroad, and I expect that not to prolong the sessions and
the amendment can be summed up in one session."

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has condemned the veto election law, stressing that a "serious threat" to the political process, and called on the Electoral Commission to continue its preparations "without delay".

Maliki said in a statement that "the Iraqi people were surprised by the announcement (...) veto of the law, which constitutes a serious threat to the political process, and did not on the basis of strong constitutional did not take into account the supreme national interest."

I call on the Electoral Commission for elections to continue their technical and complete the preparations for elections without delay or affected by this veto.

Mr Maliki also called the House of Representatives to "an urgent meeting to confirm their decision to hold elections on schedule."

He called on the Iraqi people to "miss the chance for enemies who are trying to exploit such opportunities to disrupt the march of democracy."

Hashemi, who calls him by the Constitution provides the right to overturn the law, increasing the number of compensatory seats allocated to minorities and residents abroad, and electoral lists, the small five to ten percent in the next parliament, which will include 323 seats.

(وكالات) الخيمة (Agencies) Al Khaimah

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