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The value of the Dinar

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1 The value of the Dinar on Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:22 am


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Reply from the trade bank of iraq


This is the reply i got from the Trade Bank of Iraq when i asked them if
the Iraq government had any plans to increase the value of the dinar.

"Dear John,

Thank you for your email, I can only give you personal thought of this as their isn’t anything announced regarding this matter. Plans have always been there to strengthen the Iraqi Dinar, but this is expected on the long term and not within a year or two. Despite saying this, in 2003/2004 $1 was equal to around IQD 1,750, then to 1,500 two years later, and for the past year or so $1 is equal to 1,170 – 1,180. So really you have to make your own expectations taking into consideration many factors such as political and financial.

Best regards

Taiseer Mohammed"

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