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Moussaoui: no objection to the next government will be headed by a woman

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Moussaoui: no objection to the next government will be headed by a woman

Bar News | 30/11/2009

Baghdad / Orr News

The Chairman of the Committee on Women and Children in the House of Representatives Samira al-Moussawi expressed the hope that women take the presidency of the Iraqi government, stressing the support and endorsement of candidates for the post who have the competence, the national program, she said.

She said, "We hope this welcome him and support him if there were candidates enjoy efficient, and entering the competition, and have a draft and a national program."

The al-Musawi, a member of the National Coalition to the absence of the idea of women's running to take over as prime minister from programs coalitions and alliances which will contest the parliamentary elections early next year, "I have not put the idea so far in the election programs of coalitions and alliances, and I think there is no objection to any political party or bloc nominate a woman for the job ", perhaps because the grass-roots women refuse to undertake the post of prime minister for reasons of social and religious, as well as the dominance of men on the political scene.

HECK YA!!! Put a woman in charge and watch stuff get done!!!

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