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Rebounds Releases: reading in the press in Baghdad for a day

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Google translator has locked me out early today but if anybody has links to the following newspapers in RED and can find these articles and post them, would be great:

Iraq News

Rebounds Releases: reading in the press in Baghdad for a day

(Voice of Iraq) - 08/12/2009

The Republic of Iraq
Office of the President
Press Office

December 8, 2009 December 8, 2009

1. 1. الاتحاد Union
- Washington: We will leave equipment in Iraq, millions of dollars.

2. 2. العدالة Justice
- Maliki: Our relationship with the United States will be affected negatively.
- Samurai: everyone that does not rely on the guarantees and promises of Foreign Affairs.
- Pending the issuance of Presidential Decree .. Commission: Twenty-seventh of February as the date for elections.
- Oil: a forthcoming meeting between Iraq and Kuwait to discuss joint oil fields.

4. 4. المدى Term
- Leaves the Pentagon military equipment worth 30 million dollars in Iraq.

5. 5. الشرق الأوسط Middle East
- Americans will succeed equipment worth $ 30 million in each database leaving in Iraq and a military commander said that the Ofer donated the cost of the transfer.

6. 6. التآخي Fraternity
- Alliance of Kurdistan: The White House has given guarantees on the number of outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil.

7.المشرق 7. Mashreq
- U.S. says it will leave equipment in Iraq, millions of dollars.

8. 8. البينة الجديدة The new evidence
- Kurdish lawmaker: the next Iraqi government will demand every square inch of waiver of the former regime to neighboring countries.
- Pentagon authorized the U.S. military leaders to leave the equipment to Iraq worth $ 30 million.
- MP Ali Keywords: There are signs of hope for ousting Iraq from Chapter VII.

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