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Iraq calls for Gulf leaders summit in Kuwait to restore full relations

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Iraq calls for Gulf leaders summit in Kuwait to restore full relations
BAGHDAD - The Iraqi press agency
A number of Iraqi officials on the summit of the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf states of Kuwait and called for support for Iraq in the fight against terrorism and reconstruction, said government spokesman Dr. Ali al-Dabbagh Iraqi for "the Iraqi press agency" it is appropriate now to look at Iraq as an element of stability in the the current political system, and will not be aggressive in any particular case against brothers and neighbors, and should take into account its potential as an economic actor in the economic equation, particularly within the framework of the region, Iraq and hopes of his brothers gathered at the Kuwait summit of the GCC out the recommendation to re-confirm relations with Iraq, particularly by some of the neighboring and brotherly countries, which are still reluctant to specify the type of relationship with Iraq, which could play a key role in reducing instability in the region, especially between neighboring states and Iran, in the sense that Iraq could provide a recipe to reduce the stability of new of the controversies and tensions that occur from time to time between some Gulf countries and Iran, Al-Dabbagh said: We hope from our brothers support Iraq and its political support and assistance to be a true friend and brother in the region.
For his part, official media office of the Council of Minister Ali al-Moussawi said Iraq would welcome any meeting of interested brothers the Arabs, both in the GCC summit or elsewhere, and waiting Iraq is the support from the participants in the face and the war on terrorism and in support of the ages being beyond the stage of sympathy, which was effect in the previous period, namely from 2006 to 2007, and we aim for now is to start the actual era of cooperation, or that Iraq could provide to his brothers and takes them, and that includes all levels, and it will certainly reflect positively on the strengthening of cooperation between Iraq and Arab countries in particular GCC .. Moussawi: Iraq asks the brothers to support and sustain the legitimate demands of the hunt and the recovery of Iraqi terrorist elements, such as Izzat al-Douri, which take some of the countries of the region-based.



Wonder if they will talk about kuwait debt or Saudi debt???? Would be a good time to iron a agreement out and get it gone...maybe??


Thanks Mailbox....great first post.

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