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Source: Information Office of the First Deputy Governor of Basra

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Source: Information Office of the First Deputy Governor of Basra - 20/12/2009

First Deputy Governor of Basra calls on the international mission to create projects for water desalination in Qurna, city and other areas along the Euphrates River

Congratulated the Director of the Office of the UN mission to help Iraq in the south (UNAMI), Jonathan Robinson, first deputy governor of Basra province to the success of the water and the preparation and organization, which was held recently in Basra province, which specializes in water scarcity and rising salinity in the water, and how to develop solutions and studies that guarantee to contribute to solving the problem salinity in the Shatt al-Arab.

First Deputy Governor of Basra, said the local government of Basra province to the ongoing and continuous communication with the federal government to secure certain amounts for the implementation of water projects in the city, as well as cooperation with the Organization of UNAMI, and the rest of the other organizations in this regard, and humanitarian efforts made by the United Nations in Faw, and Abe Fertile, calling to visit the areas along the Euphrates River, including, the city of Qurna and salinity of tap water treatment suffered by these areas also, and took a sample of water for consultation, treatment, and in need of projects for desalination of water, because of the salt tongue, which has been infected, expressing wishes to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

For his part, Director of the Office of the UN mission in the south of the discussion with the Deputy Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations - Berger - at the conference held by (Oman), who was greatly interested in the subject of water, and its emphasis on water projects should be given top priority in the draft next year because of the sensitivity of the topic.

He continued: The UN mission focused on some areas that will interest them in Basra during the next stage by supporting multiple uses in Massadralemyah and exploitation, and to support and consolidate the management of water projects, the development and modernization of irrigation and water economy and control, and the development of irrigation systems and the use of modern techniques in irrigation and agriculture and control of salinity and the nature of water, the study of groundwater and control, and supporting institutions that work with water through the development of capabilities and training, and involvement of neighboring countries, riparian of the Tigris and the Euphrates, and particularly Iran and Turkey on the issue of water.

He pointed out that these themes constitute the most important areas in which aspires to the international mission in gaining access to, and promotion within the sector of water in the United Nations, through local committees thereof, the axes around which will work within the sector of the United Nations during the coming year.

He drew - Robinson - giving the United Nations for the great interest in Basra, because they are the subject of the most affected water, and to assist in this area by focusing efforts and updated in solving the water crises in the FAO and Abu Fertile better and within the jurisdiction of the international mission, adding that the international mission will want to examine the subject of FAO and lessons derived from it, and be ready to deal with similar crises may occur and be similar in the future.

To - Robinson - on the urging and encouragement of the President of the UN mission in Iraq, as well as deputy chief of mission in charge of humanitarian issues and development to come to Basra in the beginning of next year and to meet officials in the province.

He added: The efforts of the United Nations will be clearer and more visually move in the future and look at the humanitarian needs of the population in the province, after Astbab security situation significantly and effectively.

He disclosed that the UN mission will be in the month of January 2010 to Mr. Governor and First Vice-Governor of Basra UN plan for the coming year.

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