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Iraqi cabinet agrees to receive military equipment from Washington, $ 143 million

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Iraqi cabinet agrees to receive military equipment from Washington, $ 143 million

(Voice of Iraq) - 30/12/2009

PNA-said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, said on Tuesday, The Council of Ministers decided at its recent approval of the receipt of military equipment from the U.S. $ 143 million.

A statement of the Pula that the Council "decided to approve the receipt of material, equipment and military vehicles from the American side, with the Ministry of Defense to pay a portion of the total value of $ 143 million and turn the amount of the investment budget of the ministry in 2009 to the U.S. side.

And Ali al-Dabbagh, the Council also decided to approve to approve "the request of the Department of Defense delegated the conclusion of the contract for the project of a general hospital of the armed forces capacity of 400 beds with one of the Turkish companies in the total amount of $ 147,500,000,000 dinars, and the duration of the implementation not to exceed 18 months."

The Council approved the "continuation of the ministries for implementing investment projects spends on such projects for a maximum period of 31/1/2010 at the expense of the 2009 budget due to special circumstances and that the record for spending on new investment projects and to instruct the Ministry of Finance to implement the above."

The Council also agreed on "the formation of a committee of the Ministry of Interior and Finance, the Secretariat and the concerned ministries, industry, and to make recommendations to the Council of Ministers regarding the transfer of the staff elements of the FPS, employees of the General Directorate for the Protection of structures, of temporary contracts to permanent staffing similar to their counterparts of employees of the Ministry of Interior, within thirty days" .

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