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2009 Final Decade: U.S. withdrawal from Iraqi cities by mid-2009 point to the return of «sovereignty» The dawn of a heated debate

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2009 Final Decade: U.S. withdrawal from Iraqi cities by mid-2009 point to the return of «sovereignty» The dawn of a heated debate

(Voice of Iraq) - 30/12/2009

Security chiefs cheered the move ..Deterioration of the security and later support the position of the skeptics

Baghdad: Al-Salem Al Rahma Basra: Jassim within

When they withdrew U.S. forces from Iraqi cities by June (June) and closed 200 bases, the implementation of the security agreement entered into by the United States and Iraq, raised doubts about the ability of Iraqi security forces, consisting of 663 thousand soldiers, to maintain security, especially after the blasts in Baghdad's bloody.

The Convention on the withdrawal of troops that took place between Baghdad and Washington in November (November) 2008, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from cities, the end of June (June) of 2009, followed by a full withdrawal from the country end of 2011. Iraqis consider the conclusion of the agreement the first step towards the return of sovereignty and ending the U.S. presence in the country.

Although the Iraqi government and security leaders cheered the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the cities, the number of Iraqi security officials blamed the Iraqi security services about the escalation of violence.

Said a senior police officer, who declined to be named, told «Middle East», the «security leaders stressed that they are fully prepared to receive the security file, which means they are able to control things, and the question: How they are able, while acts of terrorism have again targeted innocent ? », probable that« those who engage in such actions is you do not want U.S. troops out of the country ».

The official said that the «base involved in the escalating violence and terrorist operations in particular that the survival of Americans justify staying in the country, in addition to the existence of some political parties that rely on the non-withdrawal of the Americans and the considerations which she would lose in the political process if their withdrawal».

The official added: «There is concern among many of those actors not knowing their fate after the departure of the Americans in particular that the upcoming parliamentary elections and the experience close to the provincial elections proved that the Iraqi people is well aware of the lack of credibility of some of the slogans of mass and therefore if I got another election, the fear is not have any site in the political map of the country ».

And he stressed that «the armed groups that claim to resistance, do not want the withdrawal of the Americans, because they simply want to be Americans are forced to withdraw by the resistance, to withdraw U.S. troops over the agreement with the Iraqi government».

And raised the occupation of Iran No. 4 well within the field of loose change in the city of Amarah (southern Iraq) has questions about the importance of signing a security agreement, with a strong country like America, you can not pay for the harm the country.

The Iranian military force that seized control of the evening Friday, December 18th (December) the current Fakkah oil field in Maysan province and raised the Iranian flag on it, and after a series of discussions between the two unloaded force the Iranian flag from the well at a later time, but that force did not withdraw from the occupied Iraq.

For his part, MP Mithal leader of the Iraqi Nation Party, said that the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq in case it takes place will come the scourge of the largest of which brought him when he entered Iraq in 2003.

The Alusi told «Middle East» The «is dangerous, particularly that Iraq's future is at stake, and we have ample evidence of this, the latest of the Iranian occupation of the well Fakkah». Alusi demanded the withdrawal of U.S. troops not to, saying: «Do not the Americans to leave the country, and further call for the Security Council to take appropriate action to that».

For his part, said Maj. Gen. Hussein Kamal, deputy in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, said that «the security file, now in the hands of Iraqi security forces, whether in Baghdad or other provinces, and all things are going well, despite the presence of some security breaches that have occurred in the capital recently, which led the deaths of hundreds of Iraqi victims ».

He asked: «Is it possible to dispense with the Americans at this time? We will say that America will keep the 50 thousand soldiers behind after the withdrawal, and I think it was too early for this date (2011) the withdrawal of U.S. forces, by equipping Iraqi forces, both arms or training, particularly as we see the Iranian occupation of a brutal oil wells which is only evidence of the lack of readiness Iraqi forces ».

Major General Kamal: «should be considered carefully, and must account for everything before any full withdrawal of U.S. forces», but he noted that «the security services in terms of numbers in full, but in terms of intelligence agencies, it has not been completed as well as we have no air force or weapons armor and artillery, and these things are not only through the wide range of workshops related to reinforcing the state's financial capabilities, and the possibility of these events has provided weaponry, and access is no easy task ».

For his part, said Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, told «Middle East», that the Iraqi government, insurgents shot down «the pretext of resisting the occupiers» by signing a security agreement, and that the gunmen «are now trying to give messages to the world that Iraqi forces are not able to catch control of the security file and that Americans should not pull out ».

The military stressed that «the presence of Americans or not there will be violations of terrorism, and security agencies in the review of striving continuously to abort his plans».

In the province of Basra, southern Iraq, were considered among the political and security, the withdrawal of British forces took the city's headquarters for most of its forces since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the most important events of the year. However, the residents of Basra believe British troops «was not effective» as the larger partner in the United States in the invasion of Iraq.

Jabbar said a full head of the provincial council that «the performance of British troops in Basra was very similar for the political stance of the Government of London, which marked lack of clarity on the real objectives of the invasion of Iraq as it was a follower, tempered by the desire of the U.S. administration».

In the view of leadership in the Islamic Virtue Party Nassif, Abadi said, «the scenes of the British forces during their existence is to maintain its indifference if not the protection of hundreds of local looters who crossed the border from neighboring countries and property looted public money, documents and vandalized, destroyed and burned most of the features of the city and contribute to the loss of memory, He was able to preserve everything as maintained by the U.S. troops on the sources of oil conservation ».

* November (November):

* 2/11: Independent Electoral Commission declares victory in Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai won a second term after the cancellation of the run-off presidential election because of the withdrawal of his only rival, Abdullah Abdullah.

* 3/11: The Supreme Council of the Union re-elected Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE for a new presidential term of five years.

* 4/11: Israeli navy ship encountered in the Mediterranean Sea and claims to find the weapons and ammunition intended for Hezbollah coming from Iran.

* 5/11: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas formally announce his decision not to run for a second term in the elections called for holding on January 24 (January) next year.

* 5/11: General Assembly of the United Nations recognizes a large majority a draft resolution submitted by the Arab bloc to demand that Israel and the Palestinians to open an investigation into the charges carried by the Goldstone report on war crimes in Gaza.

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