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130 bill to extend the work waiting for the Iraqi parliament for approval

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130 bill to extend the work waiting for the Iraqi parliament for approval

(Voice of Iraq) - 29/12/2009

PNA - and agencies: Council of Representatives to intensify his efforts during the coming stage via an extension of its work one month in an effort to discuss and approve some 130 bill dealing with various aspects will hopefully contribute to building the institutions of the state and development of services to citizens.

It coincides with the good intention of parliament next week to vote on the general budget for the year 2010 and discuss the draft electoral code of conduct and several security legislation and service.

Declared a member of the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives Iman al-Asadi, there are some 127 law in the various committees for consideration, pending referral to the presidency of the parliament for a vote.

Asadi explained that the bills are voted on by Parliament with the relevant committees for consideration in terms of jurisdiction, then to the Legal Committee which examined to determine its compatibility with existing laws and the Constitution, stating that some laws that revolve around political differences has been carried over into the next session of the House of Representatives.

In turn, said Coalition MP Abbas al-Bayati:

The Parliament is working on the extension of the current legislative another month to pass laws important for the nation and serve the citizens and push the political process forward.

Al-Bayati said in a statement that "all laws which the council to end its second reading and vote is estimated at 60 law", a compilation of those laws to the group of laws, including Maholha otherwise require a broad consensus has been transferred to the next parliamentary session, the most prominent oil and gas law and the amendments Alddsturip.

He continued: "The second category includes laws to be passed, but that the political differences that had delayed the approval of the general budget, notably, the law of infrastructure support that will contribute to the revitalization of the regions and governorates, in addition to the law of the National Security Council," while the third category includes laws and re-structuring by ministries and laws of the past and including the Ministries of Defense, Interior, Youth and Sports, justice, etc., especially as most of the ministries sent their own laws.

Al-Bayati said that "the Constitution contains more than 54 articles need to enact laws that enable detailed parliament during the last phase of the certification of 6 - 10 materials that have been outlined, there are more than 40 articles in need of law," noting that "Parliament had decided to take Commission on constitutional amendments to the legislation itself constitutional laws on chemicals, but the Committee's concern that the amendments hampered the task of enacting laws for the material to be planning laws to them.

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