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Conscious / MP Wael Abdul-Latif: security companies will remain immune from Iraqi criminal law, and there is no authority over us

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Conscious / MP Wael Abdul-Latif: security companies will remain immune from Iraqi criminal law, and there is no authority over us

Conscious / Baghdad / T r

1/1/2010 1/1/2010 9:00 pm 9:00 pm

A member of the House and Wael Abdul Latif regret actions taken by the U.S. court of disowned by Iraqis who were killed in broad daylight.

Abdul Latif in a telephone conversation with (the Iraqi Media News Agency / conscious) regret comes from the U.S. court's decision thus disowned people found to have committed crimes against Iraqis killed in the time and place unknown to, and the crime is clear and killed 17 Iraqi civilians is not justified to kill them, and hence we We expect to eliminate the U.S. position Egayr position issued in this case, adding that U.S. forces are governed by rules of international law, conventions and resolutions of the Security Council and therefore difficult for the Iraqi judiciary to move the case to them, afterthought, but we hope that the Iraqi parliament from the preparation of a law to end the work of all foreign companies to the Iraqi judiciary can not exercise its role in the implementation of the provisions it deems appropriate, indicating either in connection with security companies, the development of the Iraqi judiciary is limited and can not discuss this issue.

These companies are governed by international law as persons belonging to its clients that a foreign country and entered under the UN Security Council resolutions, and governed by rules of international law, but the question they are subject to the rules of national criminal law, it is very difficult, and only can not they leave Iraq or to discuss their case U.S. criminal court was supposed to be discussed before the court ordered them to Iraq,
and is supposed to end once and security companies in Iraq and the role and filtered, but these companies will remain committed any crime and is free and far from any Iraqi criminal law there is no authority to the Iraqi Penal Code for those.

He says The U.S. federal judge dropped all charges against five of the guards of the company (Blackwater) American security in the case of killing 17 Iraqi civilians and wounding 20 others seriously injured in a shooting incident in Baghdad in 2007.

Qazi said the Criminal Court of America in Washington, Ricardo Urbina on Saturday that government prosecutors "have abused the use of evidence" against the defendants could have paid to dismiss the case entirely.

He added that the U.S. government had "violated the constitutional rights of defendants through the use of written statements by guards to investigators and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the threat of losing their jobs and clarifications provided by the prosecutors and investigators in an attempt to justify their actions and convince the court they did not use statements from the guards that they had made under the threat of contradictory and unreasonable and lacking in credibility. "

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