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Maliki: I would not put sticks in the wheels of the next government and....

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Maliki: I would not put sticks in the wheels of the next government and placed in the

December 4, 2010

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Sunday, he will not put "sticks" in the wheels of the next government and put in the wheels of government and in the event of losing the next election, pointing out that his hand will remain extended to those who want the coalition to rely on him, provided a national and not a "sectarian or partisan or sectarian, "according to a statement of the National Center for information.

The statement said Maliki said in response to a question by a reporter through the window of communication at the site of adopting Antrzialq the opposition in the next parliament if the polls produced results for Atsb in favor of coalition rule of law, lack of conviction about the Iraq politicians are able to manage the country away from the orientation party? "I would be helpful to the government in the Parliament and supporter of them and steer when you need to pay will not be put in its own ranks as sticks and put sticks in the wheels of my Government," and "It's unfair to say there is no able and politicians in Iraq, but the task is heavy, complex and overlapping conditions is difficult for many non - practitioners to make crucial decisions. "
And added "It is natural when the situation needs to be intertwined courageous decisions decisive set things straight and lost only to Iraq."

And on the fortunes of a number of rivals, including Iyad Allawi and Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Adel Abdul Mahdi and Tariq al-Hashemi, Jawad al-Bolani to achieve results advanced in the coming elections and the willingness of coalition rule of law, his leadership of the alliance with them to form the next government? Maliki said: "I wish them to win and succeed," he said "will remain stretched for those who want the coalition, but on the basis of Iraqi national and not sectarian, partisan or doctrinal, and on the basis of independence of the decision, and not whether or not".

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