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A new diplomatic plan to rid Iraq of Chapter VII Number (1862) Last updated - Sunday January 10, 2010

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A new diplomatic plan to rid Iraq of Chapter VII

BAGHDAD - morning

. We hope to begin an official delegation to visit the United States soon, in an effort to activate the demands of Iraq for the internationalization of terrorism file and retribution from those involved in recent criminal operations.

. This information comes simultaneously with the development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a new plan to complete the procedures of money out of Iraq's Chapter VII.

. A member of the Security and Defense Committee in the House of Representatives Hassan Sinead, the "morning": that the government planned to send an official delegation to the United States to move the file, the internationalization of terrorism and urged officials in the United Nations and the Security Council to expedite the establishment of the International Tribunal for the punishment of the culprits who belong to the Alliance of Saddam's Baath takfiri and in Syria.

. Sunaid revealed the receipt of government and parliament on the positive signals in this regard a report prepared by UN special envoy Taranco Oscar Fernandez, noting that Iraq is seeking to close this file before the legislative elections to ensure non-interference of regional actors to influence the political process.

. A Western diplomatic source had earlier revealed in the "morning" for the UN special envoy bombings Wednesday and Sunday Aldamyin to deliver important information to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon confirmed the existence of a regional intervention in the Iraqi issue. و

. In another file, a source in the Foreign Relations Committee in parliament, said Iraq would take new diplomatic steps to complete the procedures of money out of Chapter VII. The source said the "morning": that the government will follow several steps such as the audit conducted by the UN Security Council during the period coming on the situation in Iraq, noting that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and developed an integrated plan review of decisions relating to international sanctions on Iraq and ways to exit the country from international sanctions. He said the ministry's plan concerning the liberation of Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII and decisions on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait and the decisions of disarmament and destruction of weapons of mass destruction , alluding to the existence of other measures will be adopted is to increase diplomatic activity on various countries and to ensure the permanent members vote for Iraq, with the strengthening of the rule of law and security in the country, in addition to the emphasis on non-threatening neighboring countries, as well as seeking to fulfill the international obligations and commitments. in turn, confirmed An official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the "morning" The ministry is continuing its efforts on removing Iraq from Chapter VII and to seek a UN resolution to support the country in its war against terrorism.


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