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Arab pressure on Kuwait to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

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Arab pressure on Kuwait to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
Cairo - Isra Khalifa

Received by the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, a report from the deputy and his envoy to Iraq, Ambassador Ahmad Ben Helli on the outcome of his meetings with President Jalal Talabani and government officials and political figures in Iraq.

Ambassador Ben Helli told reporters: that the university has called on all Iraqi currents to create the right atmosphere and proper for the upcoming elections away from any comments and tensions affecting the rules of the election campaign, stressing that people should take responsibility for the Iraqi people.

Promised Ben Helli said the upcoming legislative elections will bring a new shift in Iraq toward restoring stability, adding that the visit of the Arab League delegation to Baghdad comes in the framework of communication and consultation and in the interest of Iraq.

He said he met with the heads of coalition and Iraqi officials and the university was ready to provide any logistical help and technical assistance in the field of elections has also been agreed with the United Nations on cooperation and coordination in the provision of the viability of the elections.

And on the personal decision to exclude 500 of the elections to include under the procedures de-Baathification, "said Ben Costume:" My call for Iraq to be the trend is the participation of everyone in the political process and engage in the elections and if there are any files that must be addressed within the framework of constitutional institutions and also addressed in the framework as stipulated in the law and to exclude any matters which may build on the political positions because the goal is to expand the circle of participation.

In regard to the possibility of providing assistance to Iraq in the security area after the recent bombings, he said: "The Arab states claim a national duty to help Iraq in all fields, both train the security forces in the area of the judiciary because Iraq needs to stand to the side of the Arab countries and any failure of Arabs mean a breach of national duty and national and Arab.

He stressed the invitation of the Arab League to become the support and supporting the Arab presence in Iraq is a priority because it represents a necessary addition to the unity of the Arab position and deal with the challenges facing the region in general.

. He stressed that Iraq's request to host the Arab summit is still on the table and will be discussed by the Tripoli summit in May.

must be supported because it is within this chapter hinder its role," explaining "the existence of Arab pressure exerted against Kuwait, which files have not resolved yet with Iraq and I think the IHe supported the Ambassador of Iraq's request out of the seventh item, saying: "Iraq's demand basis raqis are serious and work in this framework in coordination with Kuwait, which are directly related to the subject.


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