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Maliki Receives European Union Commissioner for EnergyMaster Piebalgs Anders

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Monday 18/ 1 / 2010

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki Receives European Union Commissioner for EnergyMaster Piebalgs Anders

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki said the basis of the consolidation of relations between Iraq and the European Union is a common desire to Gabnpin and support the EU for the new Iraq, which get rid of dictatorship and moved towards democracy, freedom, elections, and openness to the world.

The sovereignty during a meeting in his official office today, EU Commissioner for Energy Piebalgs Anders, said the cooperation agreement in the field of energy that took place today between the two sides will be channeled to the interests of Iraq and the European Union, has seen the light and the signature confirms that the image of the new Iraq has the support of the EU countries, which we hope to work to help Iraq out of Chapter VII and to get rid of the burdens and problems inherited from the former regime, calling for the creation of the Convention in its final form for presentation to the Council of Ministers for approval by Parliament.

Continued Mr. Prime Minister: reassure countries in the world that Iraq would not return to a totalitarian regime and build a pioneering experiment in the region and will be a stabilizing factor and the country renounces war and intervention in the affairs of others.

And thanks to the sovereignty of EU member states to its support for Iraq and for its training of Iraqi police and the rest of the ministries, and desire the success of the elections and participation in control with other countries and organizations.

EU commissioner praised the developments in Iraq and the policy of diversification of energy sources pursued by the Iraqi government, he expressed his admiration for the oil contracts signed during the two rounds of licenses, saying it stunned the world and Maatmtat by the highest levels of transparency.

He stressed that the EU would continue to cooperate with Iraq and will make efforts to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, and the democratic experiment and its relations with developed countries in the world, reiterated EU's readiness to assist in the success of the upcoming elections.


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