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Iraq regains its position of global trade

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1 Iraq regains its position of global trade on Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:36 pm


Iraq regains its position of global trade

Through the implementation of the largest offshore project linking it with Syria and Turkey

Ministry of Transportation is preparing with the two countries Turkey and Syria, the implementation of the largest offshore project globally .

This was announced by the Conference Esmat Amer Jiad Director General Company for Maritime Transport, said that the project aims to transfer merchandise and global investment from Europe to Asia and vice versa through the Iraqi line - Turkey - Syria, is the largest investment project prepared by the economic and engineering talents to reach the Iraqi foreign trade of goods to Iraq and a low cost, and record time, rapid and limited significance of the project to develop maritime and deliver it to a quantum leap sophisticated global and internationally in addition to the development of the Iraqi economy and its diversity through this project which will support business and economic goods for less cost than they have previously called this huge project to draft a global ( replacement oil) because of its great importance and intense rival of the oil, the largest Interesting economic and financial benefit of Iraq is primarily and greatly and the participating States and European countries unexpectedly and in record time, unexpectedly, started in the roots of the project in 2009 and work will begin implementation during the current year .

This would put Iraq on the path of the project cultural exchange and new trade and modern Iraq will be a large commercial complex where ships unload their goods when the world to convey to the other countries in Asia and vice versa, where transmitted from Asia to Europe.

In a related development, Esmat Amer, said that Iraq after 32 years was able to buy two mammoth size ships for use in his business and there is a third ship in the way and Esmat pointed out that European and global companies began flocking to Iraq to contribute actively to this project and the construction of the biggest international port in Kurdistan, called Dry Port, which will be on the way exchange of goods and unloading was the first maritime companies to contribute to the next company J.P.L The largest international companies which will put the marine intensive studies for its active participation in this project was to visit the Transport Minister's recent visit to Turkey a huge step in the right direction for this project.

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2 Re: Iraq regains its position of global trade on Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:42 pm


jmo...but think this is really good

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