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Conscious / Biden contribute to worsening the situation between the accountability and entities Almojttp / report

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Conscious / Biden contribute to worsening the situation between the accountability and entities Almojttp / report

Conscious / Saad Jabir

18/1/2010 18/1/2010 4:19pm 4:19 pm

Decisions of the Accountability and Justice comprehensively large number of candidates for the upcoming election de-Baathification, took a turn away from the legal matters which are to be discussed under which these decisions to turn to a charge of treason for the officials and the illegality of their presence and unconstitutional, and were working under the guidance of Foreign Affairs.

Adding to the rhetoric against the decisions of the Commission synchronized with the imminent parliamentary elections, especially as the entities Completed preparations for the participation of elections planned for next March and worked these entities to the escalation of tension through statements based on the threat and openness with each other while the other covered with resolutions that advised the Commission to resort to the judiciary to be the separation between them and the conflict continues, Pantdhar naming by the Electoral Commission for elections tomorrow tuesday.

After being invited Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the need for law enforcement accountability and justice for all candidates from the lists of all without exception, stressing To mind the legal procedures and mechanisms in place as identified by the Justice and Accountability Law Alsadran the House of Representatives and warning of falling into mistakes and accurate data about those who were mentioned in the decisions of the Commission before it was announced in an attempt Maibdoa Maliki to reduce the inflammatory statements of some deputies and external parties, which could affect the security problems in the Iraqi arena

Income of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, and telephoned Chairman of the Council of Representatives, Iyad al-Samarrai, during which they discussed the overall political situation in the country and the atmosphere that precedes the coming legislative elections. And Biden has no confidence that the Authority has deracination It seems that such statements will increase the crisis of confidence between the Authority and the entities covered by the special mop that Biden had suggested that mop-up operation after the elections, not before, the candidates would come forward with pledges of acquittal of the Baath Party and condemn all previous crimes.

For his part, House Speaker Iyad al-Samarrai keenness to activate the relevant parliamentary scrutiny, and activating the discriminatory problem of the seven judges to consider appeals filed, explaining that there was a concerted effort in the legal framework and the importance of a legal basis in dealing with this sensitive file. He stressed that the samurai accountability, justice and the Electoral Commission are independent bodies that can not be interference in their work except in accordance with legal regulations.

And Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, Vice President Joseph Biden, U.S. bilateral relations between the two countries and the political situation in Iraq during a telephone call also received at his residence in the Sulaymaniyah and the two sides stressed the importance of bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States and the need to develop and expand so as to ensure the common interests of both friendly peoples.

They have exchanged views on the evolving situation in Iraq and the political process, as cross-Biden expressed hope that President Talabani intensify its efforts in Baghdad these days in order to ease the situation and address the problems experienced by the Iraqi arena, praising the efforts and the efforts of the President of the Republic to find a national consensus and harmony between all manner of political parties and affiliations to the attributes of the political skill and the impact of major.

For his part, assured President Talabani, Vice President that he will return soon to Baghdad to pursue his fateful, and that he would do his utmost to resolve the issues of concern to the Iraqi people with the articles and provisions of the constitution.

Here, the question remains on the table Biden on the legality of contacts with Iraqi officials every crisis arises, which it seems to have become comfortably political leaders in Iraq who are not begin their actual movement to solve the crises the country continued only after intervention by the State and Territory Macahidnah this crisis in the election law and accepted by the Kirkuk crisis we wait a U.S. intervention to resolve the budget crisis of the country.

Can somebody please tell iraq that they are still under chap 7 and are STILL a "occupied" country....so if the USA wants to stick their nose in some...WE CAN!!!


RUT ROW Fireworks....LOL

18th January

U.S. ambassador threatens: "will abandon support for the political process" after a meeting with a delegation of the "uprooted" led by Al-Mutlaq is the decisions to cancel the mop!!

U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill demanded the cancellation of resolutions de-Mutlaq, the Baathists, or to abandon support for the political process

Sources representative informed "that a meeting had been widely between U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill and politicians caught in the resolution of de-Baathification, led by MP Saleh Mutlaq, leader of the Front National Dialogue-lasting eradication and members of the electoral entity, where the meeting discussed ways to freeze the decision of the Justice and Accountability removal of Judge erupt 500 candidates belonging to the Baath Party or promoters him.

According to these sources who spoke to network rivers Net News, the ambassador told the U.S. delegation, such as those included in the political annihilation, Luca, including Haidar al-Mulla Abdul Karim Nehru, Saad Asem al-Janabi, the radio channel and good governance, "The United States will stand strongly against the decisions of the accountability and justice will decisions to cancel or freeze until after the elections. "

According to these sources, the U.S. ambassador said the delegation of the "uprooted," he told Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Prime Ministers shall Nuri al-Maliki and Chrin officials that his country would abandon its support of the political process in Iraq unless repeal or suspend the decisions of the accountability and justice. "!

The head of National Dialogue Front, Saleh al-Mutlaq had called for Americans to intervene openly in the meeting and make them responsible for what is happening in Iraq from the abrogation of the representatives of the Arab nationalist trend and national (..)

Addressing Mutlak Ambassador and his advisers: "The ball is in Mrmickm gentlemen, and you alone and are able to save us and save the rest of the candidates who polled mop resolution of this impasse."

On the other hand, the U.S. administration to exert pressure directly on the Iraqi officials to intervene and address the decisions of the Justice and Accountability, in this context, U.S. Vice President Biden telephoned President Talabani on Sunday night and told him that "the administration of President Obama is concerned what is happening in those who belonged to de-Baathification" .

The De-Baathification Commission is a constitutional body and decisions taken by the right of the respondents were based on eradication of Article VII of the Constitution, which makes it an offense of promoting the Baath Party is working to return to political life in Iraq.

According to news reports and received network rivers Net News, which aired on her at various times, the draft prepared by the Baath Party to power in Iraq, is no longer a project locally, but regional and international project supported by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Egypt and Israel in addition to the United States and Britain, there is information however, unconfirmed reports to the involvement of Turkey in a part of this project and the impact of the role exercised by Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, as well as the Saudis to influence the Turks and convince them to support the idea of supporting a project Baath in Iraq.

Rehabilitation project Baath to power in Iraq, whether to intensify and Dadeh in the parliament elections and support hundreds of millions of dollars, or Bnglglhm in the security services, which aims to find a Sunni political force in Iraq has the potential, capabilities and experience of security and political and intelligence can fight Shiites in Iraq who have come to represent the majority Iraq's ruling according to the vision of these countries, although the political process ensured that the Sunni Arabs in Iraq, which account for 17 percent of the total Sscan Iraq, double the proportion of political privileges and positions compared Bnspthm sovereign of the population, but that the total Mahsdh Sunni Arabs and Kurds, return for a share equal to twice the Shiites in all political privileges and positions sovereign.


Great....now the whinning begins:

Conscious / MP Ali Hussein Blue: Biden's remarks are considered as interference in the Iraqi issue

Conscious / Baghdad / n. And

18/1/2010 4:13pm 18/1/2010 4:13 pm

A member of the Iraqi parliament Ali Hussein of the Kurdistan Alliance Blue's remarks by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden the right of the accountability and justice are to some extent interference in Iraqi affairs.

Blue said in a telephone conversation with (the Iraqi Media News Agency / conscious) that "the issue of eradication and accountability, and justice is the constitutional rule and to any previous government or agencies that applied in Iraq, because Iraq has made great sacrifices and became a victim of the deposed regime, especially the characters who sold them in the crimes and abuse the rights of citizens, so these statements are considered as interference in Iraq's internal Affairs, noting that with the mop-up and should be done but Bomujb Iraqi laws strictly and not to politicize the issue. "

ت . T.. ف أ P a


YUP whinning has begun:

Conscious / MP Abdullah Iskandar: non-intervention outside of the heart of Iraq's sovereignty and intervention is a violation of Iraq's sovereignty

Conscious / Baghdad / n. And

18/1/2010 18/1/2010 3:18pm 3:18 pm

A member of the Iraqi Parliament Abdullah Iskandar Al-Juburi of the Arab bloc independent we would like to keep Iraq's internal affairs between the Iraqis themselves, and we do not impose solutions from outside the country.

Jubouri said in a telephone conversation with (the Iraqi Media News Agency / conscious) with regard to the remarks by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, which was against the accountability and justice, we categorically reject and reject any external interference in Iraqi affairs, indicating Personally I think that non-interference is at the heart Iraqi sovereignty and intervention is a violation of the sovereignty of Iraq.

He asserted that the accountability and justice recognized body and its official and never doubt Bmhniha in performing tasks that are at the heart of its work without any interference from any political entity, pointing out, therefore, the statements of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden rejected.

ت/ت.ص T / T. P.

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