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International effort to pass resolution to lift restrictions on Iraq next month - Chapter VII

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International effort to pass resolution to lift restrictions on Iraq next month - Chapter VII
Pave the way for saving the country from Chapter VII

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs to step up moves to lift restrictions in the area of disarmament that impede the country's efforts in the field of scientific research and paving the way for out of Chapter VII through the issuance of a resolution by the UN Security Council next month.

He said Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in an official letter sent to the parliament speaker, got the "morning", a copy of: "The ministry is working with friends to adopt a resolution from the Security Council is to lift all restrictions imposed on Iraq in the field of disarmament based on the decisions of the right under Chapter VII, in particular resolutions 687 and 707 for the year 1991.

"Zebari said that" these decisions are decisions which affect the sovereignty of Iraq because they restrict the possession of ballistic missiles have a range beyond 150 kilometers and also restrict uses of Iraq in some areas of scientific research ", stating that" it is hoped to issue such a decision in mid-February next if the House of Representatives passed the Optional Protocol to the Safeguards Agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency before the Council for a long time. " The foreign minister said that "Ratification of the Protocol will enable the International Atomic Energy Agency to send a note to the Security Council confirming that Iraq comply fully with its safeguards agreement," noting that "such a warrant is necessary to pass this resolution," expressing at the same time looking forward his ministry to "authenticate the House of Representatives of the Optional Protocol by mid-February because of the importance of such a decision as it represents a major step toward completion of national sovereignty."

It should be noted that the House has finished on the first reading of the draft law on ratification of Iraq the Model Additional Protocol to comprehensive safeguards regime of the International Atomic Energy Agency. For his part, MP from the Kurdistan Alliance Azad Omar Bamarni hoped that the UN resolution passed by the Security Council next month will allow Iraq purchase of sophisticated weapons and long-range missiles to strike a balance in the region. Bamarni said in a statement the "morning": that "the ratification by Parliament on the Additional Protocol is essential to persuade the International Atomic Energy Agency that there are no illegal activities or seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, This helps to confirm the United Mahdp country's commitment not to break the agreements and commitments adhered to by Iraq, paving the way out of Chapter VII.

"He noted that "the issuance of such a resolution from the Security Council will achieve the strategic balance in the region and achieve a deterrent force to Iraq as allowing him to buy long-range missiles and weapons of variety and cancels the previous decision determining the extent of missiles to 150 kilometers, in addition to carrying on scientific research especially in the areas are still off-limits to country, "adding that" this matter will also contribute to achieving stability in the region will not be a cause for escalation, because the purpose of buying such weapons in the future will be for both defensive and not offensive, because Iraq is a believer and is committed to international peace and security."



way cool find!!!............Here's to next month to see what happens!!!

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