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Tehran ready to mediate between Iraq and Syria: report

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Print Date : Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tehran ready to mediate between Iraq and Syria: report
Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN - Tehran’s ambassador to Iraq, Hasan Kazemi Qomi, has announced that Iran is ready to host meetings between Iraqi and Syrian officials to reduce tensions between the two countries, an Iraqi newspaper reported.

Iraq has accused Syria of sheltering terrorists linked to the massive bombings in Baghdad in the summer.

Iraq argues senior members of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s Baath party who are in exile in Syria have plotted the bombings. Syria has rejected the allegations and urged Iraq to present solid evidence to prove its charges.

The 1975 Algiers Agreement unchangeable

In an interview with the Iraqi newspaper Al-Sabah, the ambassador again emphasized Iran’s opposition to any change or amendments to the 1975 Algiers Agreement between Iran and Iraq.

The 1975 Algiers Agreement, registered at the United Nations, was an attempt to settle the border disputes between Iran and Iraq.

Long-term cooperation deal

The ambassador also said Baghdad has proposed a long-term cooperation deal in economic, trade and political spheres between Iran and Iraq.

Qomi also dismissed reports that Iran intends to build a nuclear power plant near its borders with Iraq.

On the March parliamentary election in Iraq, he said Tehran wishes success for democratization process in Iraq.

He said the situation in Iraq is improving due to the efforts of political leaders and religious scholars

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