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Military forces surrounded the headquarters of Salahuddin province

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Military forces surrounded the headquarters of Salahuddin province, after the eruption of internal friction

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 18:49

Local officials and security commanders said on Saturday that security forces, army and police surrounded a building since the days of local government headquarters in Salahuddin province, broke out against the background of differences between the governor and provincial council.

The members of the provincial council and local residents feared that the result of this dispute, and the resulting movement for the deployment of security forces would aggravate the security landscape and the relative stability of the province, which could pave the outbreak of violence in the province, which is currently enjoying calm and stability security significantly.

The members of the provincial council, said the dispute erupted when the governor Hardcore Mutashar Hussein before the backing of accusations leveled against the President of the Provincial Council Ahmed Abdullah accusing him of being involved with corruption and forgery of administrative degrees. On the other hand by the Council to maintain the support of the President to vote on the removal of the governor, accusing him of "negligence and mismanagement" and the appointment of Khalid Hassan Darraji a new governor.

And about the governor's refusal to recognize the legitimacy of the Hardcore and legal action undertaken by the provincial council decided to go to Baghdad Hardcore solve the problem and the search for central government support.

The commander of the fourth division responsible for the protection of Salahuddin province, the deployment of troops in the vicinity of the headquarters building preservation came at the request of the governor and before heading to Baghdad.

The security forces imposed a curfew in the places that surround the province, Mina local government headquarters. The security forces prevented the movement of vehicles and people on the roads surrounding the building.

The publication of the security forces to the outbreak of a state of apprehension and anticipation in the province, prompting police chief Maj. Gen. Salah al-Din Hamad Yassin to hold a news conference late Friday to confirm that the security situation in the province, "more than excellent."

Hamad said "The deployment of the army and police near the building (province) Salah al-Din is to impose security in the province."

"This is a precautionary measure ... we fear that some terrorist elements to exploit this circumstance (the dispute) and the implementation of some terrorist operations."

The local elections that took place early last year resulted in the formation of the provincial council and the President of the Council and the Governor. The number of members of the Salahuddin province, and twenty-eight seats, including President of the Council.

He Alioui told Reuters by telephone that he went to Baghdad to persuade the central government the legitimacy of the position and the illegality of the action carried out by the provincial council and to persuade the central government not to ratify the action of the Council.

The Commander of the fourth division, Major General Salah al-Din Rashid, "The troops will remain in place until the end of this crisis and resolve the dispute."


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