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Political First: Biden: I Did Not Come to Iraq to Make Compromises

Conducted an extensive discussion with the leaders of the country and stressed Washington's push to bring the country out of Chapter VII

BAGHDAD - morning

Washington renewed its full support for Baghdad in various fields and a commitment to the two conventions signed between the two countries and non-interference in Iraqi affairs. U.S. claims came during separate meetings of the American Vice President Joseph Biden

With all of President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and parliament speaker, Dr. Iyad al-Samarrai. According to a presidential statement, the Talabani received yesterday afternoon, U.S. Vice-President and his entourage consisting of the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, Christopher Hill, the top U.S. commander in Iraq General Raymond Odierno, and a number other officials. The statement pointed out that during the meeting between President Talabani and Vice President, the exchange of views on the latest developments in Iraq, especially the ongoing preparations for the upcoming legislative elections, as well as the need to strengthen joint cooperation between Iraq and the United States in all spheres of political and economic development and investment.

The President of the Republic to the political achievements realized in the Iraqi arena, stressing the importance of adopting the principle of consensus for the management of the country in order to safeguard the rights of all its components and the embodiment of national unity desired. Talabani praised the role of the United States of America and help its people by contributing to the stabilization and support experience of growing democracy, pointing to the need to expansion of bilateral relations between the two countries to serve the aspirations of the two bright future.

For his part, U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, according to the statement, the importance of large and influential role played by President Talabani in reconciling the views and access to participants and between national political parties in expressing high confidence wise leadership of His Excellency, adding: "I am reassured that Iraq under your leadership has achieved many successes at all levels. "The U.S. vice-president in a joint news conference with President Talabani after the meeting: The purpose of his visit to Baghdad is to ensure that Iraq remains a fundamental priority for President Obama, explaining by saying:" The Iraq that our administration is committed to a successful stable spectrum represents all of Iraq and Iraq fair .. and we are committed to building a strong partnership between Iraq and the United States. "He added that he had discussed with Iraqi officials to accelerate efforts in the implementation of the strategic framework and strengthening ties in trade and investment, education and culture, asserting that" as President Obama, we are We will finish the task with the passage of time the summer and lower the number of our forces in line with the US-Iraqi security agreement. "But he indicated by saying" Even though we have reduced many of our troops, we will intensify our engagement of political, diplomatic and economic ties with Iraq .. and also often said that the real test of democracy is not the first election, but the second election. "Biden added:" In my discussions with Iraqi leaders today, it is also things that we have dealt with a case that sparked controversy recently, taken for the prevention of some of the candidates running for national elections, I want to clarify this important point I have not come to Iraq today to resolve this issue this The Iraqi issue and the Iraqis themselves, this is not settled my business. "also touched on U.S. Vice President to the Eagles Square incident, saying:" Let me take this opportunity to express my personal regret at the violence that happened in the courtyard of the eagles, who went by the staff of Blackwater in 2007. He confirmed that "United States of America are designed to subject any person who has committed a crime against the Iraqi people accountable." He said: "we were disappointed by the decision regardless charge was based on the way in which the possession of certain evidence, the charge exchange is not cleared and today I am announcing that the U.S. United will resume and to appeal against this decision, and the U.S. Department of Justice will appeal the request next week. "The American Vice-President, Joseph Biden, arrived in Baghdad yesterday evening. He also met with Prime Minister received the official said U.S. Vice-President, During the meeting, according to a statement received "morning," a copy of it, discuss the development of relations between the two countries and to discuss current developments in Iraq, and to energize efforts to rid Iraq of Chapter VII and the preparations for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Maliki stressed that "relations between Iraq and the United States has improved significantly and exceeded military cooperation, and we desire Solid develop in all areas and in the implementation of the strategic framework agreement. "He added that the government" has made a lot of achievements in the political, security, economic, and that the transition from dictatorship to democracy needs more time and effort, and the next elections will be the cornerstone of the completion of the political system , and we will do our best to place in a free, fair and transparent, to complement the successes achieved in the security and the political system and achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people to develop economy and improve services. "Prime Minister continued:" The law enforcement accountability and justice was in accordance with constitutional and legal mechanisms and included all the lists candidate contesting the elections, was not targeted at any one point, as some claim, and who were dismissed by the Appeals Review, which was formed of seven judges and approved by the House of Representatives to consider the objections. "For his part, U.S. Vice President that:" My current visit is part of the desire Joint development of relations between the two countries and the mutual visits between the two sides and to confirm the further implementation of the framework agreement and the development of strategic relations and to discuss reducing the number of U.S. troops according to the agreement signed between the two countries. He said Biden said: "I did not come to Iraq to hold any settlement, and I'm President Barack Obama strongly support the implementation of Article VII of the Constitution on not to allow the dissolved Baath party to operate, and we are confident that democracy in Iraq has matured greatly and we look forward with you to hold the elections in an atmosphere free and fair, because these elections are a very important stage and will contribute to supporting the political process and democratic transition and turn the page dictatorship suffered by Iraq during the former regime. The Vice-President Prime Minister that the U.S. government would appeal the decision in the case of Blackwater in line with the request of Baghdad, adding that the United States continue its efforts to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, and move forward in the implementation of Conventions withdrawal of troops and strategic framework, indicating that the arrangements and preparations are underway to reduce the number of U.S. forces in the month of August next, at the same time praising the achievements of the Iraqi government and the latest oil contracts and the results of two rounds of oil licensing has charmed the world. In the meantime, he met with House Speaker Dr. Iyad al-Samarrai said U.S. Vice President. A statement issued by the Office of the President of the parliament that the two sides discussed the latest developments in the political arena for the period preceding the general election, which he described the American Vice President "mission," in addition to the possibility of approving the budget Federal early enough to help enhance the image of Iraq to the international community and the World Bank. Also discussed the possibility of converting the government to caretaker government during the election period and the negative effects arising from it, as Samurai said it was part of the draft submitted by the presidency to promote integrity and control over the performance of the executive in your elections, confirming the existence of a state of retreat from paragraph conduct of business, but the trend is still present in the quest to ensure fair and transparent elections.

And on the next election and a file covered by the decisions of justice and accountability mechanisms to be adopted in dealing with them, he stressed the commitment of the Samurai legal and constitutional frameworks in dealing with this sensitive file, noting that "full confidence in the ability of the Iraqi judiciary and the discriminatory to deal with this issue professionally which began its work for several days to consider the Tonat Introduction ", noting that" what has been promoting him to the list of covered deracination have been built along sectarian lines is something completely false and has been promoted in order to gain political support no more.

The new speaker of parliament rejected the proposal to defer the distance covered until after the elections, because of the falsification of the will of the voters, especially in light of large coalitions and lists of open, calling on the international community to contribute to the observation of elections as part of ensuring transparency and to ensure international recognition of the results. In turn, U.S. Vice President's keenness on supporting the stability of Iraq, and that remains part of our agenda. Samarrai, and to examine the file and Biden disputed territories and the deployment of joint forces there, as the president of parliament for the lack of support for that matter, saying that this will enhance the state of division within the province will not get the desired results from it.


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