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UNHCR is seeking to complete the audit of the lists of candidates before the start of the campaign

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UNHCR is seeking to complete the audit of the lists of candidates before the start of the campaign

BAGHDAD: With the Declaration of the accountability and justice as is currently examining the files of more than 700 candidates of 6500 to decide whether to stop them or their participation in the upcoming legislative elections, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research said they seized documents and ten fake university candidates named in the list issued by the excluded body.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Abd Dhiab said that the documents later discovered that the Independent High Electoral Commission for elections to hand over his ministry more than six thousand closely to see the health of their issuance, noting that three thousand been examined, and document them, he sent the names of candidates for the Office to take appropriate action against them.

In this context, member of the Commission Karim al-Tamimi are determined to take legal action against the fifty-five have fake certificates, and said that all candidates are also subject to scrutiny by the defense and interior ministries and bodies of integrity, accountability and justice prior to the ratification of the nomination.
Tamimi said in an interview with Radio Free Iraq correspondent in Baghdad said the final audit for the lists of candidates will be completed within the next two days before the start of campaigning in the seventh month.

Commenting on the discovery of fraud in the documents submitted by some candidates, warned author and political commentator, Abdel-Moneim Patil of the consequences of making such a kind of candidates to the Iraqi political scene, describing them as semi-Qualifications Ithlon half-national.

For his part, attributed a political analyst Amir Saadi Jabbar causes some of the candidates dare to give testimony and forged documents to the prevailing atmosphere of myself to dare to commit abuses launched by the absence of legal deterrents as well as the scale of the problem of corruption in the joints of the state institutions.

Saadi believes that some candidates had been reassured that their parties and their political parties will provide them with cover shielding the consequences of the excesses and Kroqathm required to bring them to justice to prevent such abuses in the future.


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