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Iraqi dinar speculation: a phenomenon

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1 Iraqi dinar speculation: a phenomenon on Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:17 am


Since this was wrote on the 28th and ABC did the report on the 24th...did anybody remember seeing it????

Iraqi dinar speculation: a phenomenon ..
تبعث بأكثر من رسالة

الأحد, 28 فبراير 2010 09:32 المدير
Sunday, February 28th, 2010 09:32 Director

\ Iraqi files: broadcast network ABC U.S. television on the
twenty-fourth of this month
an expanded report on the phenomenon of
television on buying the Iraqi dinar from U.S. citizens and companies
and investment and speculation that the U.S. has become a haven and
hope for the dream of quick money and a way to seize the opportunities
for speculative offices and investments.

newspaper "New Morning" for Angela Brown, who prepared the report, the
Iraqi dinar traded volume may exceed billions by the end of this year,
saw the first two months of the new year alone, a remarkable surge of
more than 40% because the dinar trading offices and investment
companies now employ currency events and local variables inside Iraq in
the size of its growth forecast for the actual value of the dinar, as
always, Brown's continuous rise of the true value of the Iraqi dinar
since its collapse in early 2003 and then drop the former regime until
now, has had little retreat, and thus the demand for buying the dinar
for investors Americans is a quasi-guaranteed and does not involve any
real risk, the dinar was worth 3.20 dollars before the ban imposed by
the United Nations on Iraq following its invasion of Kuwait in 1990,
and by mid-April 2003 decreased to between 3500 and 4000 dinars to the
dollar, In July 2003 became the U.S. dollar equals about 1,500 Iraqi
dinars, while the current value of about 1168 to the dollar. (taking
into account that the exchange rate is subject to change).

to Mike Spencer, a financial expert and director of FPSO for financial
investments in the state of Ohio, the risks of such trading is only in
the dramatic changes that may occur in Iraq in the coming months, when
asked about the nature of these variables, said: "Iran's interventions
to increase direct Win or radical forces and those loyal to Iran in the
coming elections, or armed conflict between the West and Iran, while
opportunities for profit is a result of the expected growth of the
value of the Iraqi dinar in the coming months, almost guaranteed.

come back and confirm: that the Iraqi dinar speculation, like any other
speculation is not without risk, especially as it related here troubled
country like Iraq.

Brown is trying to ask an important question through its televised on a
number of investment experts about the reason for the growing
phenomenon of trafficking in Iraqi dinars these days in particular, is
it related to the imminent national elections in Iraq?

Mark Spencer: that behind this phenomenon a number of reasons:

it is not an entirely new phenomenon has seen demand for buying the
Iraqi dinar rise significantly since the introduction of the new Iraqi
currency, which enjoys the confidence of banks and global financial

expectations improved security situation in Iraq and open wide the
doors of buoyancy after the national elections would be held early next

strategic leaks come from research institutes and studies close to the
decision-makers that the U.S. plans and agreements that are for the
rise of the forces of liberal and moderate power in Iraq after these

the new banknotes, which planned the Iraqi Central Bank to be issued
later this year and will be one of the categories 25000 and 10000 and
5000 dinars covered in gold and in collaboration with the Ministry of
the Treasury Almirkip.

and finally, the huge oil investments, which will start operating soon
and that will create the strategy covers the dinar even more valuable
than gold itself.

2 Re: Iraqi dinar speculation: a phenomenon on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:02 pm

67 Warrior

Time will tell CK.. Fortunes have been made building up the expectations and dealing with IQD.. So far those folks are the only ones getting "rich".. I have just decided to step back, hold a few and see what happens. I no longer expect riches, just a fair return. But then again this is the "Old Warrior" speaking and so many newbies are betting on mega bucks just as we did years ago. This must be the second or third generation coming on board now. What a fun trip. 67

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