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Wael Abdul Latif (l (et al)): the end of the work of the House of Representatives on 22 of next April, not March 16

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Wael Abdul Latif (l (et al)): the end of the work of the House of Representatives on 22 of next April, not March 16

On: Wed, 18/03/2010 12:25

Denied the Iraqi National Alliance member and Judge Wael Abdul Latif, the termination of the House of Representatives on March 16, indicating that his work ends on 22 April next.

Abdul Latif said in a statement singled out by the Agency for News News ((et al)) that the parliamentary session, calculated at the cost of completing four years and have four years starting from the first session of the Parliament and ending at the end of the fourth year and the first meeting held on 16 / 3 in 2006, it is assumed to end the work of Parliament at September 16, 3 / 2010, explaining that the meeting started the first open meeting is outside the scope of constitutional legality and legal means not stipulated by the Constitution and the law and continued to 22 / 4 till the session began with the actual election of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and began the actual post-22 / 4 / 2006, indicating that he could ask the Presidency of the Federal Court about the possibility of the Chamber of Deputies until the 4-22 to Nmli the legislative vacuum and secondly to assure the people of regulation and a third complete dialogues until the formation of ministries and government negotiations, adding that this period is not long and influential on the work of the next government, especially since the process of counting, sorting, and preliminary results and final results and the names of the Federal Court for final approval may take more than a month, saying he Iltom Parliament that is being discussed within the dome and put in front of an integrated study and the problems that confronted Parliament for submission to parliament next year to avoid the crisis, which was signed by the current parliament.

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