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Al-Husseini: results of the elections will be announced at seven o'clock Friday evening

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Al-Husseini: results of the elections will be announced at seven o'clock Friday evening

(Voice of Iraq) - 26/03/2010

(Voice of Iraq) - KTV ...

Hamdiya Husseini, said President of the constituency that the election results will be announced at seven o'clock Friday evening, and by 100%.

Stating that "work is continuing by the Commission staff to complete the work before the date of the announcement."

The Al-Husseini in a statement that "centers of counting and sorting ongoing work and will be announced preliminary results of the poll legislative 100% in fully seven in the evening today."

Noting that "247 red complaint has been resolved so far, and work continues to complete the remainder".

راديو دجلة Radio Aswat

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Today .. Commission announces final results of the elections, Haidari denies postponement

(صوت العراق) - 26-03-2010 (Voice of Iraq) - 26/03/2010

(صوت العراق) - KTV ... (Voice of Iraq) - KTV ...

Faraj said the President of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent Electoral he Atgier on the date of election results will be announced Friday evening.

He did not "there will be no change to the date of announcement of election results and the Commission was committed to the deadline set."

He added that "we have not received any required governmental and officially postpone the announcement of election results."

He pointed out that "the Commission if they received such a request, it will have to take a position in a timely manner and according to the data and latest developments."

He added that "insistence on a recount by hand means to return the entire electoral process again."

Hinting that "The Commission did its job dutifully and has made great efforts which were hailed by all observers Iraqis, Arabs and the international and the United Nations and the Arab League, and our work is finished and announce the results tomorrow."

He emphasized that "the final results would be announced on Friday and referred to the Court of discriminatory special federal elections, no candidate has the right to apply to challenge the results within three days, where the court will respond within ten days."

Noting that he "had been counted as 95% of the vote, was also a substantial part of the votes and voting on the outside, and there are funds reserved at some stations because of complaints lodged against it, since our Office has achieved a lot of complaints."

موقع المفوضية Site of the Office

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