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Arab leaders are discussing at the Arab summit 22 of the draft resolution for Iraq

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Arab leaders are discussing at the Arab summit 22 of the draft resolution for Iraq

(صوت العراق) - 26-03-2010 (Voice of Iraq) - 26/03/2010

(Voice of Iraq) - Sirte - Bilal Sharif

Lifting and Arab foreign ministers after the conclusion of their meetings open and closed on Thursday the twenty-fifth of March in March 2010, numerous recommendations regarding the files Arabic and especially the Iraqi file that is of interest all the Arab delegations participating in the Arab Summit Yalthanip twenty, which begins tomorrow, Saturday, 27/3/2010 ongoing The following is the text of the draft recommendations submitted to the leaders and the Arab kings and presidents.

Council stressed the League of Arab States at the level of Foreign Ministers at its 133 in a resolution on Iraq to the Arab perception of the solution to the political and security challenges facing Iraq based on respect for the unity, sovereignty and independence of Iraq with the non-interference in its internal affairs and to promote stability in Iraq, overcoming difficulties requires the promotion process political democracy and root out sectarian strife and terrorism, while respecting the will of the people of all Mkunth in the development of his political future.

Confirm and respect the will of the Iraqi people with all its components in the report of their own political future and achieve security and stability rests with the national government and the constitutional institutions and political leaders of Iraq and to promote and support the Arab countries and neighboring countries to combat hackers and praise the promulgation of the Iraqi Council of Representatives elections and welcomed the parliamentary elections held on 7 March March in Iraq in furtherance of the ongoing political process and to praise the position of the Iraqi people in the large turnout at the polls in defiance of terrorism and value the role of the Arab League to monitor the elections with high-level delegation

The Council stressed the importance of Iraq's neighboring countries play an active role to assist in strengthening security and stability .. And non-interference in its internal affairs and respond to terrorism and stop the violence that threatens the unity and territorial integrity and to reflect the actual seriousness through participation and effectiveness of the neighboring countries in common international border control to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into Iraqi territory and to support the ongoing efforts of the Iraqi government to achieve national reconciliation with the signing of Iraq taking science the Convention on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by end 2011 in addition to the Framework Convention for the strategy of the relationship of friendship between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America

The ministers noted the withdrawal of (6) foreign countries withdraw from Iraqi cities by the end of July 2009 upon the signing of an agreement with the leaders stationed in Iraq and restoring its full sovereignty over all its territory, as well as welcoming the UN Security Council resolution No. 1859 of 2008 and resolution 1905 in 2009, completed the withdrawal of combat troops in U.S. troops cities, villages and towns in Iraq June 30, 2009 and took up positions in facilities and areas agreed upon outside the cities and villages as a prelude to withdrawal from all lands and waters and skies of Iraq on the scheduled date 13/12 / 2011

The Ministers commended the progress in the political process in Iraq and the role of government in establishing the principle of democracy, which culminated in the great success of the provincial council elections on 31 / 1 / 2009 and a parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdistan region in May 25, 7 / 2009 and the participation of a delegation from the Arab League in monitoring.

The Council commended the position of the UAE to cancel the debt owed by Iraq.

The ministers stressed the follow-up results of the International Compact with Iraq, which was launched at the International Conference hosted by the Arab Republic of Egypt in Sharm El-Sheikh on 3/5/2007 and invite all parties concerned to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the International Compact with Iraq and the follow-up conference of Iraqi neighboring states and the results of the expanded Conference working group emanating from these conferences in the areas of fuel and energy and help Nazhieddin, cooperation and security coordination, and emphasizing the importance of continuing these efforts to strengthen regional and international support for Iraq and help

The Ministers welcomed the Arab Security Council resolution in 1770 No. 2007 on the expansion of the United Nations in Iraq in the areas of security, assistance and cooperation towards the achievement of positive progress in political dialogue and national reconciliation and demand in the promotion of its role in helping Iraq, and emphasizing the importance of continuing cooperation between the UN and the Arab League in order to succeed those efforts

The Ministers noted the development Allaltazam Riyadh Summit resolutions 2007 and Damascus Summit 2008 and the Doha summit in 2009 in place and the immediate response to Iraq's request to reopen the Arab embassies in Iraq and to praise the initiative of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Republic of Egypt to reopen their diplomatic missions in Baghdad and raise the level of their diplomatic missions Ambassador to the furtherance of bilateral relations with Iraq and the declaration of the Republic of Yemen to name an ambassador in Iraq.

The Ministers condemned the terrorist operations that targeted the Iraqi people and its institutions, and regarded as a threat to international peace and security as stated in Security Council Resolution 1618 in 2005, and in particular the recent terrorist attacks at September 19, 8 / 2009 and 25/10/2009 and 8/12/2009 and 25 / 1 / 2010, which targeted the sovereign state institutions, including ministries of foreign affairs, finance, justice, municipalities, and welcome the serious steps taken by the government in the implementation of the Iraqi security plan to impose law and the positive results achieved by this plan by reducing the violence and restore security and hunt down the hotbeds of violence and terrorism and the confiscation of the threat to the security of Moatnn and the arrest of the gunmen and killers terrorist organizations or the remnants of the former regime and the death squads and sectarian militias and gangs, organized crime and support the government's measures to withdraw the illegal weapons and the provision of services Paadp Almahjrien to their areas and their homes and to achieve national reconciliation program and support the government's efforts to rebuild its security institutions on a national basis, especially after receiving the security file to the general Iraq and raise the volume of effective Arab participation in such efforts through training the Iraqi army and police, develop and update the means and methods to enable them to cope with terrorist plots against the Iraqi people and Mwsat national government and effective contribution in the rehabilitation of Iraqi cadres in various fields

He praised the attitude of Arab Ministers of the United Arab Emirates, by canceling the debt of Iraq and reaffirming the decision of the Damascus Summit 2008, and emphasizing the Arab countries to review their debt with Iraq for the purpose of abolition or reduction of the initiative, similar to the fraternal countries of the United Arab Emirates Ytima of paragraph (Cool of the Riyadh Arab summit resolution 375 d p (19) in 2007 and, as in the States of the Paris Club and other countries

The ministers called on Arab states to help the actors to help Iraq in the payment process of economic development and active participation in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of various sectors and the promotion of Arab investments in Iraq and calling on organizations and institutions of joint Arab action to contribute effectively to a promising reconstruction and development of Iraq in accordance with the requirements of the required experience and capabilities available to these institutions and to praise the role of Arab Republic of Egypt strategic cooperation in the field of investment and development and strongly enter the Iraqi market

The Ministers reiterated serious violations of human rights that occurred during the occupation of Kuwait and obscure facts about Balasiray and Mufcodein Alkutin and nationals of other countries and found a number of dead remains in mass graves and to express its deep condolences to the families of the victims, who remains have been identified and concern for the plight of those who still place they are unknown and to praise the cooperation of the Iraqi and Kuwaiti efforts in order to uncover the fate of all missing persons and Kuwaiti prisoners and nationals of other countries and expressed his thanks to the Iraq State of Kuwait to provide one million dollars for the Iraqi Ministry for Human Rights to support its efforts in this area

The ministers stressed the importance of continuing efforts by the League of Arab States and its mission in Iraq in order to support and assist Iraq in various areas and invite those that have not paid their assessments in the opening balance and the continued work to expedite the payment

The Ministers called upon to support the legal position of Iraq on historic rights and acquired water and reaffirm its commitment to the basics apportionment of water, equitable access based on international law and custom as well as the necessity to divide the water and to establish fair and reasonable quota of each of the riparian States and the importance of partnership agreements in this regard and invite the countries and companies funded irrigation projects payment and to stop this funding.

The ministers to respect the international borders of Iraq with the countries of the horse and the inviolability of national sovereignty and international obligation Balqguanien and resort to a diplomatic solution through direct dialogue to resolve any problem between Iraq and neighboring countries and a commitment to work Alcmetruc against all terrorist activities, including inciting sectarian, ethnic and fatwas inciting terrorism and internal strife Walt affect the security and stability of the region and their common interests and request the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States to pursue the matter and to report thereon to the Council at its next session

The Board noted the difficult situation of displaced Iraqis in the Arab host countries, and called on Arab states to expedite the provision of emergency aid in the special account opened by the Secretariat to support the Iraqi refugees in Arab host countries, and contribute effectively to improve their living conditions and humanitarian, and alleviating the burdens borne by these countries.

Council also invited the international community, especially the competent bodies of the United Nations system and regional organizations and the United States and donor countries to provide the necessary assistance by raising the financial contributions of the Arab countries hosting displaced Iraqis as quickly as possible.

Arab ministers also called the Iraqi government to provide more support to alleviate the burdens of the displaced in neighboring countries and to assist the countries hosting them, pointing to its efforts to ease the burden of displaced Iraqis, and provide the prerequisites for success in their speedy return to their homeland and re-enable a large number of displaced families to areas of their populations, which abandoned them.

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