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The U.S. Embassy: Obama will urge neighboring countries to support the formation of the new government

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March 28, 2010

The U.S. Embassy: Obama will urge neighboring countries to support the formation of the new government

بغداد – الصباح BAGHDAD - morning

The U.S. embassy in Baghdad said the United States President Barack Obama will urge neighboring countries to support the formation of the new government and cooperate with it.

U.S. embassy spokesman Philip Frayne said: "administration of President Barack Obama will make during the next term diplomatic efforts to persuade neighboring countries to cooperate and work with the new government. Frayn noted in a statement to» Sabah that his country wants the integration of Iraq with countries in the region over the long nearby, indicating that Washington will help bring Iraq out of Chapter VII and convergence of views with Kuwait in this regard, as will be prompted Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey to cooperate with the new government.

U.S. embassy spokesman disclosed that the coming stage will witness an increase in the frequency of contacts and intensive dialogues with neighboring countries to facilitate the government's announcement, and that Iraq takes important role in the region, stressing at the same time that the consultations on forming a new government between political entities, must be far for American intervention, or any outside parties forming the government and be the embodiment of the consensus the Iraqi forces. Frayn and continued: It is important that that there is not a particular party imposing authority over the majority of the people and the new government formed a consensual manner, involving various components of the people, adding that Washington does not prefer personal jurisdiction at the expense of someone else.

It also pointed out that the United States finds it necessary to «reflect the new government will of the people of Iraq through the participation of different social components expressed through a vote that took place in the elections.

Frayne, denied the existence of any American intervention in the election results show, and wondered about the «How to enable the United States to influence the results, especially with the presence of many safeguards to prevent any manipulation in the electoral process of the most prominent of the existence of clear procedures for voters and parties, and computer equipment for the UNHCR, which not enter the information subject to scrutiny and to prevent large-change results.

He noted that the reports confirm that for fraud or violations and large », admitting the existence of violations of simple in some areas but they do not affect the results, especially with the presence of observers from various countries», as he put it, noting that the election was largely fair, compared with any election in the Arab States and the Iraqis should be proud of these elections free and fair elections.


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