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Executive Director told me Commissioner for Smart Card Company

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Executive Director told me Commissioner for Smart Card Company


Launched a series of loans that the government sent joy in the hearts of the slides covered retirees, employees and others.

Routine, but sometimes causes Ptngis this opportunity to the large number of supplies or archives and the required endorsements, most recently the health of the breasts. Despite the importance of this mechanism to ensure the rights of the lender, but contribute to the crush of time and sometimes to justify some spoilers pressure on the recipient to get some favors «bribery» unacceptable legally and morally.
Executive Director told me Commissioner for Smart Card Company, a mixed-sector company that could use his card to the smart management of loans and advances to all State officials and the private sector and financing opportunities by the banking sector, government and the community to carry on credit guarantee salaries.
It is noteworthy that this system as a detector of forgery because of the centrality of credit information and protect the citizen from borrowing more than their potential and to ensure payment of electronic premiums.
This technique blocks the road, according to managing director - on counterfeiters favors to get the most from a loan and in excess of its capacity to pay.
And other advantages contribute to the management of credit facilities and provide accuracy and speed of lending while ensuring retrieved deduction mail and prevent duplication and illegal access to other people's money also included the recovery of investment financiers.
Secrets and ways to manipulate this system reveals many Sankhvha in the post And that at the commencement of this advanced technology and waiting to see the employee as it dragged its loan easily and quickly without disturbances and without blackmail spoilers


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