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Mobile phone companies discord over credit card currency change

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Mobile phone companies discord over credit card currency change
Tuesday, April 6th 2010 4:40 PM

Baghdad, April 6 (AKnews) - Zain Telecom service caused a lot of objections after it converted the balance from dollar to the Iraqi dinar despite the justifications provided about the importance of this transformation.

The citizens assure that the service led to the seizure of their balance while the company said that this is for the benefit of the citizen and the local currency.

It seems that the step Zain took resulted in poor service more than ever, because the mobile phone users are paying these days, the tax of legal dispute going on between the three companies working in the country (Zain Group Communications, Asia-Cell Company, Cork Telecom) and the Iraqi government.

After the government issued a decree imposing fines on these companies due to the poor level of services provided by them, the recent condemned the decision and rejected to hold responsibility.

The companies said that the low level of service is caused by the security operations carried out by U.S. forces or governmental organizations in various parts of Iraq in the context of their war on the rebels thus causing the bad connection for successive periods.

According to executive manager of Zain in Iraq Ali Al-Dahwi: "The decision to transfer the balance in for the benefit of the Iraqi citizen because it deducts the seconds and not the minutes.

He explained, "In the past, the citizen paid for the minute even if he talked for seconds only".

About the poor quality of service he noted that: "the company is 100% sure that the reason for poor quality is the overlap and confusion done by the U.S. military or governmental forces on the wired and wireless frequencies of phone companies."

"In some local districts such devices are found because their price is less than 200 American dollars."

"The way the Iraqi government is dealing with mobile phone companies shows that the country is not yet ready to receive foreign investors."

Hassan al-Musawi, who owns a store to sell calling cards in the Kadhimiya says "Our customers cannot good service which sometimes improve and worsen in the other."

The seller, whose clients complain from the theft of their balance where they pay for unsuccessful calls, said: transferring the balance into Iraqi dinar costs more because the deduction is done according to seconds and this is increased the minute pricing. "

A customer interrupted the seller and said: "the companies are making offers such as competitions and deduct the balance in two or three messages and it send messages and annoy the people."

Despite the increasing refusal towards the three mobile phone companies operating in the country, these participants don't find any another option to use because the phone lines are almost broken since U.S. troops entered the country in April 2003.
Rn/gs AKnews

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