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Hani Ashour: Presidency of the next government, Allawi, Iraq will emerge from the shackles of Chapter VII

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Hani Ashour: Presidency of the next government, Allawi, Iraq will emerge from the shackles of Chapter VII

April 13, 2010

BAGHDAD …An advisor of the Iraqi List Hani Ashour, “It is with the assumption of Iyad Allawi to lead the next government will begin the actual work to achieve stability and get Iraq out of Chapter VII and in a short period after the sanctions remained in the international compliance by Iraq and prevent it from development and achievements in various fields, and after the failure of the outgoing government remove Iraq from Chapter VII sanctions, which governs the situation in Iraq internationally since 1990, despite promises made by the Iraqis before signing a security pact with the United States of America. “

Ashour said in a statement received by the independent press copy, “that relations between the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, the International and its ability to take advantage of and adopted a strategy of openness to the world and around the Arab and regional levels, and transit Gorges sectarian and ethnic divides to form a government national partnership will be the focus of international, Arab and regional sends messages to check on the safety of Iraqi politics and to ensure its effectiveness makes it easier for removing Iraq from Chapter VII. ”

He added, “This was done in cooperation with the blocks that then ally themselves with the Iraqi List and the closest now, including the Iraqi National Coalition and the Alliance of Kurdistan, and who enjoy the relations of Arab, regional and international help in the adoption of the next government plan accelerator for lifting sanctions on Iraq under Chapter VII of the international community during Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990, and chained him to the debts and substantial damages, the cause and so far in weakening the role of Iraq’s economic and political. ”

He said Ashour, “Iyad Allawi has sought since for quite some time to adopt the draft pull Iraq out of Chapter VII and received his quest support national, Arab and international, and that will bring results endeavor after taking over the government according to the constitutional right that is enshrined in a win Iraqi List came in first in the elections.”

The first paragraph of Article 73 of the Iraqi Constitution to “cost the President of the Republic, the candidate of the parliamentary majority in number, composition of the Council of Ministers within fifteen days from the date of the election of the President”

He Ashour “to hold the Allawi government of national partnership and plans for building a stable democracy would make the international community viewed Iraq into confidence and the International Partnership is paid to open new horizons with him and raise the United Nations restrictions of Chapter VII, in order to see Iraq return as a factor in the political movement and the global economic “.

The Iraqi List may Ahzat first place, the final results of the elections by obtaining 91 seats of the total seats in the House of Representatives next, amounting to 325 seats.

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