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Conscious / Read in the variables after the demise of the International United States scene / Studies

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Conscious / Read in the variables after the demise of the International United States scene / Studies

Conscious / unconscious Center for Studies and Research / Hamid Shihab

Many of the thinkers, philosophers, and employers view strategic thinkers of the early, explain our methods of launching the world and his movement, and they put us scenarios for the future of a variable, a political map that can Tertsm landmarks on the ground after a period of conflicts and disputes and wars universe, which resulted in all of these conflicts and the outcome of wars disastrous for the most important variables that the world was dominated by multi-poles, and that was a stumbling-polar balance in the calm of the international system that not collapse.

The thinkers of the United States in the sixties and seventies have set the world building blocks of the first of the foundations of movement of the world and the future of struggle and features stability and its improvement, relying on the clause theories, each of which differed from the other, and was former Secretary of State Kissinger, one of the architects and developers strategizing International for the future of the world and how it should be, and the look Kissinger depends on the triangle of international balance, which constitute all of the United States and the Soviet Union, then Europe and Japan, Southeast Asia, the focus of this balance, which found the United States interest in Ttept foundations to preserve rather than on their own interests, but to save world peace to be subjected to vibration and fluctuations in a world of coups and the rapid changes is unpredictable Ptothirath dramatic in the international arena, and then followed in the development of strategic post, which was built on the principle of prejudice to the principle balance after the United States experienced the developments of advanced in the world of technology and industry For this claimed Brzezinski looking for landmarks singled out the United States can come out of shell balance to the uniqueness in the fate of the world through what he called "control Altnkironi," and put all the fields of science and technology in the service of U.S. interests, major, and the theory Briggnxi adopt the principle of (Drilling the bottom of the wall) to the rhythm of the Soviet Union And the countries of the socialist system at the time, and found in some Soviet political times President of the Soviet Union Former Gorbachev and later Putin easy for the Americans to reach their dream of undermining the foundations of that empire which had a tight grip on the scene to form a pole of international balance, and the world lived period of stability and prosperity, and breathe the world a sigh of relief after investigating many of which are a measure of the strength and stability enabled it to stands had Miha, though small countries in terms of possibilities, but by a factor of international balance easy access to the PL has a place in the international community, and the Non-Aligned Movement One of the main pillars of this balance that the world has witnessed in the sixties and seventies and even periods of time the eighties, and collapsed in the the early eighties after he implicated the United States, the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and perhaps one who dug his own grave to fall into the trap of war and its disastrous consequences, not the United States was aware that going on time by the session, the other involved in the sands of the desert and rugged mountains of Afghanistan once again in Iraq as well as to be a graveyard for American and the end of their rule to control the destinies of the world.

Shed light on the movement of global conflict, and whether there is a new variable could be a features of the map of international political and outlines a new horizon may return equilibrium to the situation is better after the deterioration of this balance for more than a quarter of a century that witnessed the world control of unilateral unique to the United States future of the world and began to hold its grip Bmekdrath it sees fit.

One may say that the United States will remain a long way off, is the only player who will control the course of the world and is dragged Bmekdrath because he can not afford international system strong to face this giant began structures has suffered setbacks in more than one place, although the magnitude of this body to no longer be you room to see that the impact of these strikes, and whether painful or parties touched his body, but it's certainly not trivial, they try as much as possible to exceed these losses, Shows arrogant superiority and the exercise of all methods and interventions forms of violence "does not appear even if the parties to his body is falling apart, or moo.

Looming in the horizon International features of many variables and changes rapidly Going toward the restoration of the international community to the state of balance that oscillated be worth a long time ago and now is the time to re- Equilibrium To stabilize the world and others have the status, because it can not by itself a major commercial that said the United States or stand her face, and meditate in the movement of the international community and Amkath accelerating force and the economic impact of the view that The rise of China and then the giant of Southeast Asia, and witnessed the movement of industrial boom, it may be the first features Events rift in this uniqueness and the fate of the world, and perhaps the war by the United States more than a front in Iraq and Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, the Balkans, restless European countries and their desire to leave for the American astronomer and bring prestige to their respective countries and interests, which lost the other in particular was calculated on the Soviet satellite Russian and later from going out of the process of isolation by getting out of the Soviet Union and if the sign itself in the perils of not reaped from their rule of democracy but devastation and chaos and loss of status, is move it again factors tending the national towards breaking the stranglehold the U.S., which rolled its future , to express through the practices of a popular desire to get out of this isolation, the harsh experienced and has involved itself in the separates from the largest empire was provided with the features of power and stand up and stand on her feet, and may consider this time to look for alliances is economic and not military in order to ensure for the future of its potential to rise from slumber to the situation better, and to deposit those years of isolation experienced by never to return.

But that Europe is more than willing to go out for Astronomy of the American campus is the other benefit from the international relations and presentation of their interests in danger of decline and retreat itself so did not look like Europe is weak as it is now, and there in both Germany and France, to some extent the tendency to depart from the astronomy U.S. and search for common interests with the countries of the world, as it is I was bitterly disappointed by its alliance with the United States, which is off the hook in the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in Yugoslavia and other countries that they have lost themselves and their place in that together.

May be years of the nineties of the last century, the golden age of the summit that the U.S. international isolation fate of the world and try to impose its hegemony, in that one is no longer a chance to breath and be able to confront, even that Europe, which ran behind the Mirage alliance with the United States found itself the chase behind the mirage of American promises that it will maintain the interests of the Western world, and if this world live on the crumbs of what has to give the United States from the remains of the interests and fortunes here or there, and what, if any, of the Western world that interests have been badly affected by waiting for the mirage of American promises of European countries began to Re-breathing to objects in general the United States and defamed public threats and lining it could get out of the American astronomer if it kept the United States live on the crumbs of wealth which they controlled, including oil and other riches and major industries, and found European countries and South-East Asia that trade in weapons has does not sell, but The industry is also hit by the civil recession and its economy suffered a serious contraction.

It was the economic crisis that hit the United States and rubbed her nose and the Western world in the dust, the straw that broke the camel's back until he collapsed the U.S. economy and in all countries of the capitalist world and was the biggest disaster came close to toppling their countries in 2009 Offered to the reputation of the United States at grave risk, but for that accelerated the Gulf countries and some countries in the Western world has to find a way out of this crisis, save the world west of the risk of total meltdown, and provided the United States in all forms of support and assistance, but perhaps the Gulf states of the most affected by the results because it paid billions of dollars to re- The balance state of equilibrium to its former level, or at least to the Atnear is the other and be a victim collapses U.S. economy, which events proved that it was experiencing crises Canyon so that it became impossible for the United States to rein in these strikes alone or put an end to Anhiaradtha rapidly, until it was avert a crisis aggravated by the paralysis of terrified the United States and the capitalist world and view the reputation risk, not for that I tried to mend the Gulf potentials huge restore the economy of West, some features of life, even cropped up in the limb again, and I felt the United States for the first time that the giant was not expecting to fall apart or falling apart, and if Romanesque accelerate Anhiarath and crumbling prestige economic policies before the world, that the sigh of the United States a sigh of relief after the debt aspects of life and thrive again in the American economy, but did not Taated of this harsh lesson, what is the dissipation of the withdrawal of this disaster and lifted clouds and withdrawing intensive to United States began to reflect on attempts to control and singling out the destiny of the world despite the fact that this uniqueness is no longer with the same arrogance and cynicism, even from its Mqrbhe the western world, which is backed in her ordeal, but it is alive to a serious lesson that this giant is no longer able alone to grapple with the control the destinies of the world, but it began to involve the countries of Europe and some countries in the South Asian continent again in the complexity of interests through the multinational companies to correlate the fate of the world and becomes entangled, even if the end of the world is collapsing all of it and not the United States alone and this keeps the Western world and the major industrialized countries to its prestige in the common solidarity in the face of common dangers , and here the world entered a new era in synaptic interests and wills, so that we may in the not too distant future to the fact that the U.S. monopoly and control the destiny of the world has gone forever, even if it seems the bull wild kick to it does not appear that the knives that befell his body hit him in the backyard of his home, and even It did not appear before the world to complain about the wounds of the scar had the pain a lot, but the world and its people have realized this fact and I breathed a sigh of relief to get out of control this giant cartoons Bmekdradtha, and robbed of its imports and weaker entities, and if it breaks down before it, necessitated the search for alliances in other ways, and the distribution of other interests re- of the balance of the world some prestige.

Hardly constitutes the emergence of star Chinese giant of the most frequently terrorizing the United States to limit its ability to continue to control the destinies of the world and perhaps China is one of the end time of American hegemony, or put an end to its monopoly future of the world and dominate the concept of China was the focus of continuously and warns of the consequences since The Soviet Union was a giant facing China as a superpower, but China has focused on the civil industry and had developed an industrial avoided fighting wars or indulge in a game of colonialism, imperialism, and remained urges the pace that make their international status surely even stripped the place it deserves and is now a giant see in it The United States as the biggest threat to its interests, may appear China to re-balance back to normal and re-correct the international equation which disrupted much after the eclipse of the Soviet Union, and ran to Europe and the mirage of America, until they lost their position on it was one of its Britain to miss the sun, and if that empire is falling apart and seized including the United States this position, and it is China's role as obtained this position the same, but not under colonial, but to end the era of global hegemony unique forever.

The rise of Southeast Asia and Japan and then India in the economic, industrial, and its field of competition, trade and economic and even military arena can bring to these regional blocs prestige and restore equilibrium to its former status as an imbalance and an atmosphere of dominance of individual damaged the future of the world as a whole and at risk of collapse , The growing economic power and accelerated to confer on international relations, a kind of rehabilitation is seen as Observers, observers and decision makers as key to the return of peace and stability in the world after turning the world into a vast forest, sat on the beast, the American and the frown on the teeth to torment the soul of the world's future, its risk of loss of sovereignty, dignity, and offered UN's reputation and status of high risk, what was up to this limit does not scorn the American international organization and taken for a ride to achieve the implementation of the plots are, and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in this context is not moral, and became the world's future on the brink of danger. The world has found that it is unfortunate that involved the United Nations to be a new tool for the colonization of new improved, at the time was wanted by the United Nations to keep the entities of small States be swallowed up by whales major powers, and thus the United Nations lost its credibility as an organization for world peace.

The United States is losing its luster little by little, even if it showed itself to the world as a giant who Atdhahia an international force, because those confronting the United States of difficulties, obstacles and setbacks and relapses are almost sharp and dangerous, because the time will put an end to the superiority of one side, no matter how made the United States political and economic steps to maintain the strengths of the collapse.

The United States understands that the world is changing, and there are international variables seem to become visible on the horizon such as the Chinese giant and the advancement of the rapidly Southeast Asia and the restless Europe toward the exit for the American astronomer and opposes international interests, are all factors to does not favor the United States to assure the future to remain control over only Bmekdrath a long time, so this is all attempts at the United States focused on the delay time so as to scarcely rapid changes take the path to reach its goal in getting the U.S. giant through the world, and to allow international forces to restore the principle of balance to the international relations, in order to Atnear systems States Great if it collapsed, the United States under economic and political pressure can not predict the occurrence in the future.

The United States may find their interest to return to balance on the international scene so as not to bear alone a major disaster could kill for this goes towards the cause system of multinational companies in international economic groupings, even within the Chinese giant that has the other advantage of these multinational companies to promote economy and rising about to jump great strides, which is betting on China would be able to earn the rapid pace of these companies to enter the working of competition from China, which gives it the power that leads the world by its economic power, taking advantage of some of the advantages of a free economy with a mixture experiences of socialism, for constructing a model giant grows Ciia little to be arch rival of the United States, and thus China has paved the atmosphere to re-balancing element to the international community after Achtlalh for many years, which is what the China and Southeast Asia and even Europe

To start getting out of a new, a prediction terrifies the United States at a time where you find it's own is forced to deal with these new changes because the map of events and their indicators is going according to this direction, a hope that entices the peoples of the world to find the United States has dropped its lot in order not to not remain controlled the destiny of the world it sees fit.

The involvement of the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan In 1979 was the straw that broke the back of the Russian bear on the Soviet Union a giant big a pole bilateral international The predicament the United States to enter the world of manufacturing military and then his trouble in the Afghanistan war under the pretext of the face of the tide of religious Muslim, and the United States began to induce the Soviets to enter Afghanistan and the The United States believes that the entry of Russians into Afghanistan beginning of their end was the United States they want to impact the ax in the head as they say and the incurring of Russian losses expensive in lives and equipment, the reputation and prestige and rolled the status of the Soviet Union to the homes of deplorable In contrast, the scenario was repeated again but by the United States Day launched its war on Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2203, and was the wars of the toughest wars that came close to toppling the United States and was its reputation for serious deterioration to not be remedied Americans losses were high, the involvement of European countries, Japan and other countries in contributing to these wars under the umbrella of the United Nations and in times other under the American flag in defiance of the international community, especially toward Iraq, confirmed that the recent events and certificates of Western countries, including Britain and the United States itself that America's war on Iraq was a historic error, is not justified, because Iraq did not constitute a real threat to the United States.

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