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Photos discovery of warplanes to the tyrant Saddam buried in the sands of the desert

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Photos discovery of warplanes to the tyrant Saddam buried in the sands of the desert
بواسطة: admin
By: admin

: السبت 24-04-2010 06:46 صباحا
On: Saturday, 24/04/2010 6:46

What is the great mystery of the Baath Party and drilling?

Many months ago, after the fall of the former regime and all started to look for modern fighter aircraft MiG (Model 23 and others) ...

Sahara pictures and wiped ...

But they did not have access to fighter planes or bombers ..

Or those aircraft ....

But ..."Bribery" .. enabled them to know "means" ...

And "place" ..

Faqamt planes partial scans infrared ..

Finally, they found what they were looking for.

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THEY buried the planes.........lmaoooooooooooo What else could be buried out there....LOLOL


weapons of mass destruction????


retired2934 wrote:weapons of mass destruction????

Nah.....our Intelligence Agency's had it all wrong.....this stash of aircraft and the ones they found last year along with french made Silkworm antiship missles (manufactured after the arms embargo) can't be classified as weapons of mass destruction, but a shotgun in the state of North Carolina is for some reason.....HMMMMMMMMM?


Did they find Jimmy Hoffa? Shocked


wtf?..that's wild...cool post ck

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