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here ya go LK.....looks like they need your expertise........CHICKEN!!!!!!

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Agriculture: production of 55 thousand tons of chicken and more than a billion table eggs last year

Baghdad Mustafa Majid

The total amount of private sector production of frozen chicken amounted more than 55 billion tons and 145 million eggs during the past year, through a thousand and 89 projects for raising chickens and chicken white meat in all governorates.

Director General Company Services Livestock Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Salah Fadel Abbas in a statement the "morning" explaining that he had during the same period granted licenses to import the private sector to supply 150 billion and 463 million table eggs hatching and 340 thousand and 695 tons of white meat and 184 thousand and 180 tons of milk and dairy products and 158 thousand and 730 tons of red meat. and that as part of development programs of the poultry sector in the country, have been diagnosed with a number of obstacles faced by all its links production and marketing, noting that he is already making recommendations and proposals that advance can get during the period future, noting that thousands of people dependent on their products to ensure food and filling the growing need of them as alternative cheap and appropriate for red meat to the high eighths of them. He explained that the requirements for advancement of the poultry sector in the country, based primarily on the need to bring prices of domestic products of poultry meat with counterpart imported through the support of educators local amounts charged to the funds the Ministry or of the initiative, agricultural import of feed, vaccines, veterinary and processing of Educators at competitive prices to ensure the provision of high quality specifications for Disease Control if this takes place, alluding to the importance of taking up the process of taking over the local product of poultry farmers at encouraging according to contracts concluded for this purpose with the provision of a safe market for local products exemplified common effort of the ministries of defense, interior and health, according to an integrated mechanism is for this purpose.

He pointed to the need to make the private sector towards the establishment of associations or independent entities in the process of organizing education, marketing by providing the requirements of diversified production and therefore recognizes the product and marketing, on condition that the State support soft loans with Activation Code "tariff" to import frozen poultry, dairy products and table eggs and hatching and quality control on imported products, pointing to the importance played by the draft ancestral chicken meat in Samarra set aside for rehabilitation of 66 billion dinars, as a strategically contribute to projects in the processing of meat chicken breeders mothers Bofrak mothers. Dr. Abbas pointed out that the conditions through which the country after the fall of the regime Almquborardt the industry to deterioration and relapse and the disruption of a lot of potential which were affected by these conditions and because of recourse to imports to meet needs of the population at low prices can not compete with prices of domestic product overhang, high, praising the efforts based on initiative, agricultural and achieved all-round development of the sector through the operation of projects and provide supplies rise and the provision of liquidity, and the cover material for re-operation and support of projects through banking facilities accessible. It is said that the preparation of fields broiler operating and registered in the past year amounted to 841 field containing nine million 118 000 chickens .



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