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Where are CK, Panhead, Littlekracker & Windreader are?

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Shocked Just wondering where all the great newshounds have gone. I have really missed reading the articles you all post. I know, I know..I should be researching myself, but I truly don't have time - I would love to join the chats sometimes, but I don't have time. I do, however, enjoy and learn lots from the articles - and anyway I miss the funny comments you guys and girls make! Very Happy


I'm here.....just working overtime.


Son's in from college, Thank Gosh!! Roxy is back posting, she is the one that made the forum, so figure I could take a much need break away from the forum.


windreader is enjoying retirement


hell i dont know where i am most of the time....lol


Awww..glad your son is home CK..its always great when they come home cause it seems like they leave so soon..time does fly in my opinion.

Pan...thanks for all the articles - I have been working so much all I can do is read the article and them back off to work....scrambling to make sure things get taken care of and still hoping for the time that I don't have to, i.e. dinar rv perhaps?

little - your comment really cracks me up...good to laugh on a Monday morning!

thanks for all.

67 Warrior

w8tin, good to see ya. Seems like Life does get in the way at times. After so many years and so many dissapointments, guess we all have stepped back a bit. Hope you are doing well. 67

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