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Iraq must expedite govt. formation: authorities

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Iraq must expedite govt. formation: authorities

Baghdad, May 16 (AKnews) - "The call of the Supreme authority in Najaf to accelerate the formation of the Iraqi government is a positive step," a member of State of Law said on Sunday.

"The call will promote the politicians to move forward towards the formation of the government," Adnan al-Shamhmani said adding that "there are consultations and exchange of views to mature the visions put by everyone."

"The Judiciary didn't ratify on the election results and this led to the delay in the formation of the government. The delaying period is a constitutional benefit for those who objected on the election results."

Article 76 of the permanent Iraqi constitution states that the President Jalal Talabani must invite the parliament after the federal court ratify on the electoral results to convene after 15 days to select a new president who will have 15 days to assign a candidate from the largest parliamentary bloc for the presidency of the government.

The federal court interpreted on March 25 naming the largest bloc or the parliamentary bloc that won the majority and can form the next government.

A statement released by the court interpreted that the term "biggest parliamentary bloc" means either the bloc formed after the elections through one electoral list that entered the elections on behalf of certain numbers and names and took the majority of seats, or the one that participated in the elections under two or more electoral lists and then united in a single bloc with a single entity in the parliament. The one that gets the most number of seats has the right to form the government and choose the next prime minister according to article (76) of the Constitution.

State of Law and National coalition announced last week that the prime minister post is their shares being the largest bloc within the parliament in accordance to Article 76 of the Iraqi Constitution.

Al-Iraqiya list led by the former PM Iyad Allawi threatened that it will take many procedures including repeating the elections in the presence of the outgoing Iraqi government.

IHEC announced that Al-Iraqiya List came first by obtaining 91 seats, State of Law came second by winning 89 seats, and National Alliance came third with 70 seats, while Kurdistan Alliance won the fourth place with 43 seats.

The differences between al-Iraqiya and State of Law increased since each party insists on its own opinion to form the government, the thing that has prompted some parties to intervene to hold a meeting between Allawi and al-Maliki to resolve the crisis.


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