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The government should put limitations on the phenomenon of "sale" projects

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The government should put limitations on the phenomenon of "sale" projects

Baghdad, May 21 (Akaniwz) - Iraqi economic expert stressed the need to stimulate the next Iraqi government the process of attracting global investment firms and to prevent the sale of those companies projects to other companies.

The economist said the LG KE Kurdistan News Agency (Akaniwz) "It is necessary to see the next phase to attract more investment companies in the world that the country needs more efforts to upgrade the infrastructure by it."

He pointed out that "The main problem at work is a legal code that allows those companies sell their projects collected by the government to companies which cause secondary obstruction of many important projects and sensitive."

He Ke Ji that "this case does not resolve certainly not through the windows of the agreement with foreign companies have no right to sell the projects obtained by the Iraqi government to companies running direct execution."

And that "the gravity of that shows clearly where the projects are completed during the note that several paragraphs task not applied directly and key."

The Iraqi government has effectively succeeded in attracting more than 409 Arab and foreign companies, operating in different service projects, especially in areas where relative security improvement.


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