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Dabbagh .. the government was ready to pay debts to Kuwait, Bremer days

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Dabbagh .. the government was ready to pay debts to Kuwait, Bremer days
05/28/2010 00:57

Neighborhood: detection Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh added that the government was ready to pay off debts to Kuwait-day civil governor Paul Bremer, the U.S. ambassador and the settlement of that debt.

There was another project for the settlement of debt, according to an agreement whereby it would pay 300 million dollars of Iraq in settlement of the debt, but reversed by the brothers in Kuwait», as stated al-Dabbagh.

Dabbagh also stressed that the decision to disband the Iraqi Airways was «appropriate action to protect the interests of the country», accusing Kuwait of blackmailing Iraq by raising the value of compensation to 1.2 billion dollars.

Dabbagh said in a statement to the newspaper «home» Kuwaiti, that «the decision taken by the Council of Ministers on resolving the Iraqi Airways was appropriate as it is keen to protect the interests of the country», adding that «the Kuwaiti side demanding debts amounting to 1200 million (as compensation for theft of Kuwaiti civil aircraft during the invasion of Saddam Hussein), while the real debt was estimated at 400 million dollars, and here comes the government's keenness on the interests of Iraq ».

He «The Council of Ministers took the decision (to dissolve the Iraqi Airways), commensurate with the paragraphs of Iraqi law, meaning it did not exceed the Iraqi laws».

He added that «paragraph 2 of the Companies Act gives the government the authority to dissolve the company, especially when it lost 50 percent of its capital and it has to be solved».

With regard to statements by some Kuwaiti officials, said al-Dabbagh «on others to avoid permission issues at the core of the work of the Iraqi government».

Iraqi actions and the impact of steps to drive Iraq from Chapter VII, the spokesman said the Iraqi official: the «Iraq is committed to international resolutions and moving in the right track to emerge from Chapter VII penalty».

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