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The delay in forming a government paralyzed life: 100 thousand vacant posts frozen

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The delay in forming a government paralyzed life: 100 thousand vacant posts frozen

Timeline 31/05/2010 07:30 AM

WASHINGTON (Hannah Allam): expected a lot of Iraqis to get a chance to be who will occupy one of the hundred thousand, and a vacant post after the blocked ports life Bjrhm, then they got on pensions or visas to travel outside Iraq or permits to carry guns. Some of them complain that the electoral votes have gone in vain.

Penalty charge of the mighty house of worship, which he feels in his heart that the gun carried by a guard had not been approved by the official authorities and that he does not have to register with the authorities of the central Shiite, which runs the country. When trying to organize a powerful file written in the fundamentalist government departments and in accordance with Iraqi law to make the mosque attached to the State, the answer is always the same: that the new government did not form.

And suffering of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis as the suffering of torment Jabbar, they are waiting for the new government is sitting in their seats after he went ahead with parliamentary elections three months, complicating simple things of everyday life. The added bureaucratic complications of life is essentially difficult because of the ongoing violence and lack of public services. According to Baghdad residents and staff in the government that there are more than a hundred thousand jobs pending and closed ports to apply for pensions or to obtain licenses to bear arms until the formation of the new government. And internal political problems do not reach the end of making the Iraqis are asking about the feasibility of taking part VII of the March elections (March) parliamentary adopted by the Obama administration to pave the way for a smooth withdrawal of U.S. troops at the end of next year.

And mounting complaints from the security vacuum with Astmraralamqatlin anti-government campaign of bombings and the continued assassinations and robberies at high levels. In talks of everyday people and radio programs and cartoons in newspapers showing the ruling elite, which is blessed in the Green Zone electricity for 24 hours and bodyguards boys and sympathy with a simple suffering ordinary people.

He says Jabar, who dreamed of in the mosque built since childhood «they are not politicians, they're barbarians«. He was a mighty campus opened with a simple blue dome in 2004. In the following year by the rebels blew up a fuel tank in front of the front door and killed more than fifty people. Then in the summer of 2007 a bomb exploded outside the door which led him - as he says - to recruit family members to protect the mosque at the height of sectarian violence, when survival is the main concern was getting a license for the gun thing will be later, or postponed.

Jabbar and wants now is to get the licenses for arms and fundamentalist government subsidy for the guard force, which has guarded the mosque. It was expected that the new ruling class Shiite newly emerging will be more support in the protection of religious facilities.

Say «that in this transitional period, the mosque remains tense as vulnerable, and we have no alternative but to the men to carry their weapons with Iraqi politicians to fight for the post of prime minister«. He adds «They did not come up to serve the citizens or to save us. And has challenged everything, even terrorism in order to go and vote for these people. And now I think that my vote was worthless «.
/>He says MP Bahaa al-allied with the militant cleric Moqtada al-Sadr «The delay in forming a government paralyzed all aspects of life«. Attorney says that there are 111 thousand jobs in the government approved by the previous parliament, remained unfilled because parliament is required to be performed subsequent formation of the Council for the formulation of employment wages. This is bad news for a country where the unemployment rates between 30-40%.

Shows Araji «As for the lives of Iraqis these days, stopped real estate transactions and business markets because of concerns about the new government. Even on a social level, Iraqis affected by the delay because they do not know what tomorrow will bring them «. In one recent morning, the escalation of confusion in the Central District of pensions. As the adults fill forms pensions until they were told that their applications will not be accepted. Has been invoked in various excuses, but the Chamber sponsors tired blamed the lack of a new government.

He says a retired military Colonel Mohamed Moussa «I do not find government officials here to complain to him, but he did not even have someone to receive our complaints. We have no government for several months «.

Jalil says Fayez Faleh, 30, who helps retirees in the water that forms the usual crowd had eased because people fear for their lives when you come to this Chamber are not finding anything except delay. And increases «We need a country to rebuild. We need a government that is very hard to do so, but what happens is the opposite. That the country is in urgent need of the government and no government «.

On the banks of the Tigris, the river already wavy, which declined dramatically in the level of the previous two years, threw a fisherman fishing Tariq phone network shook his shoulder on the delay in the formation of the government and said «We are continuing to clean up the streets alone or with the presence of government do not exist. There is no electricity, whether there is a government or were not, and the water is still falling with the government or without it. Finally, the security situation very poorly with the presence of a government or with the non-existence «.

He concluded by saying the hunter «So why people should pay attention to the government

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