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Central Bank prohibits companies from mobile Bid in foreign currency

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Central Bank prohibits companies from mobile Bid in foreign currency
5 June 2010 05:36 AM

Baghdad (news) .. the Iraqi Central Bank to prevent mobile phone companies to participate in the auction of foreign currency after its adoption on the Iraqi dinar. A source at the Central Bank of the reporter (the agency newsletter for news) on Saturday: "Decides Media preventing the participation of mobile phone companies (Asiacell (f) ether) at an auction because the purchases of foreign currency to cover imports not represent the private sector in dollars. The source explained that this move comes after the adoption of mobile phone companies on the Iraqi dinar instead of the U.S. dollar.
وكانت /(5.
The mobile phone companies have been subjected to the demands of the Iraqi media and communication to change tariffs contact from the dollar to the dinar and the calculation of a minute into the second.


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