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Signed ten agreements between China and Germany

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Signed ten agreements between China and Germany
Saturday, July 17, 2010
Signed ten agreements between China and Germany

News agency said (Xinhua) China and Germany signed 10 cooperation agreements in Beijing to jointly establish a joint venture to produce trucks, stretching from the green energy and the cultural field.

The agency said in a report that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has witnessed the signing ceremony, referring to ensure that the conventions of the cooperation agreement of mutual financial destruction of 124 million euros from the Green Box and to encourage companies and institutions to save energy and cut emissions.

She said the two sides signed a joint communique to establish a partnership for environmental protection of water sources and safety equipment, energy saving and renewable energy production and mobile e-cooperation, communication and technology.
To support the cooperation agreement for Green Energy signed a memorandum of understanding the parties to establish the ecological park of China - in Germany.
A handful (Shanghai Electronic Off China) Inc. (Siemens AG) on the Joint Cooperation Agreement for the development of turbines, gas and steam at a cost of 5.3 billion dollars while the Company has signed (Foton Motor Off China) Inc. (Daimler-Benz AG) on another cooperation agreement to produce trucks at a cost of 938 million dollars.
Intensified bilateral trade last year to 91 billion dollars against 41 billion dollars in 2001, while the value of Chinese exports to Germany, 55 billion dollars last year versus 36 billion for German exports to China.
And toppled China, Germany, for the first time in the last year of the single largest exporter in the world with exports amounting to 1202 billion dollars, while exports amounted to Germany last year 1121 billion dollars.


Yup China is what's been keeping Germany afloat

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